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1165 Final exam Fall 2017

Hello 1165,

I am just sending you the information on the final exam, again.

Wednesday, December 20th from 1:00-3:00pm

Room: Our room, whatever room # it is. You know the room.

Rodman Chapters: 11, 14 & 15

100 questions – multiple choice & matching. #2 pencil, etc etc.



Second piece of advice:

There is overlap with questions… so if you know what X is… you will be able to answer several questions. However, if you don’t know what X is, you will have issues answer the other questions.

Last piece of advice:

Study. Like… really study.

Best of luck.

Professor Dunphy


Mass Media Final Class


The last two chapters in Rodman’s book will be discussed for our final class. These chapters will be on the final exam along with chapter 11, Evolving News chapter.

The exam is on December 20th from 1:00-3:00pm, room TBD. 100 questions — multiple choice, matching.

The final blog was already posted, please check it out.


Professor Dunphy

Final Blog Assignment – Fall 2017

Hello Everyone,

Your final blog assignment is due Monday, December 11th before 12pm. 

Once again – Monday, December 11th before 12pm. This is a different day of the week as per usual but the same time.

NO late posts will be accepted after Monday, December 11th after 12pm.

NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. Even at 12:01pm.

I will do my best to respond before your final exam but since I am losing an entire weekend… I may not be able to. My comments will begin on Monday, December 11th and continue till the end of the semester. Your grades will be sent out after everyone has received comments. I will make comments either on your blog or via email.

The Final Blog Assignment fall 2017:

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah vs. Late Night Comedians

Re-Read the first chapter/lecture of Satire’s Brew. Use the book as a required reference throughout the post.

Required: Find more than one source for your work.

My gift to you — you’ve already done 1/2 the research or at least started looking into it. Do not use the EXACT same examples. Try to use others! Each of you will need to do some research to find host/episodes for your subject.

Subject is the same from the Jon Stewart vs. Trevor Noah assignment.

Subject/Host-Show according to TA:

Rodwell – Politicians (President/Republicans/Democrats)/Late Night with Stephen Colbert

Sabrina – Gun Violence/The Opposition with Jordan Klepper

Magdalena – Terrorism/Late Night with Seth Meyers

Kendy – Politicians (President/Republicans/Democrats)/Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Andrea – Gun Violence/Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Watch enough videos (one-two will not do) from each and compare/contrast the two hosts.

Who is more effective discussing the issue? What do they reveal within the segment?

Do you understand the host’s argument/pov in the segment? Can you explain it?

Who do you like more? Why.

Come up with one word to describe the host, use the text and videos to explain your word.

Make sure to use the parameters set in Satire’s Brew too! Crux of the show, TDS philosophy, and others.

You can include Jon Stewart but not at the cost of the others.

Anything else that you would like to discuss – feel free.

Required: Use examples from the videos and use the chapter to elevate your argument.

Word Count: Minimum 1250 to maximum 2500

Really looking forward to reading the posts!

Hope you enjoyed the work/semester as much as I did.


Professor Dunphy

Week 13 November 29th

Hey 1165,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Two classes left!

Any and all extra credits are due before 12pm on your blog by this class meeting.

I did not return the tests because the grades were ugly and upsetting. I’ll have a decision about them by Wednesday.

For Wednesday’s class:

Read the Advertising and Public Relations chapters in Rodman’s book.

We have a guest speaker coming in – if you are late, you will not be allowed in the classroom. Make sure you are on time as in not late. NO exceptions.

The speaker will be discussing advertising, memes, branding, and is by far the coolest person I know.

Thinking about it – I may give a quiz on one of these chapters after the guest speaker.

No blog post due for Wednesday. I will be sending out the final blog assignment shortly.

Oh and last, here’s that Net Neutrality info again:

Under proceedings write 17-108 it’s in relation to the “restore internet freedom” proceedings going on dec 14 the hearing about possibly getting rid of net neutrality make a complaint to the FCC tell everyone you know to complain
Call all your congress people who will be back from thanksgiving vacation on Monday 202-224-3121
See you Wednesday.
Professor Dunphy

Net Neutrality Contact

Hey Everyone,

Post 1 of 2 today.

Net Neutrality is a big one… and you should really make your voices heard.

Thanks to Ronny for sending this info:

Under proceedings write 17-108 it’s in relation to the “restore internet freedom” proceedings going on Dec 14 the hearing about possibly getting rid of net neutrality make a complaint to the FCC tell everyone you know to complain.
Call all your congress people who will be back from thanksgiving vacation on Monday 202-224-3121
This isn’t required but if it goes into effect, you can’t complain if you did nothing to stop it.
Professor Dunphy

1165 Week 12 – Nov. 22nd

Hello Everyone,

Sorry we had to cancel the shoot for Unproductive season 3. We will be doing it sometime in 2018. I will post to THIS site or have your former TAs (you will have finished the class by then) send an email.

Your TAs are grading the next set of blogs – if you have not had any feedback by Sunday by 7pm contact them, Rodwell, and myself in one email. Do not wait till Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 22nd:

Only 3 more classes to go!

This was sent way back so check it out:

This will be the last blog assignment until the final one, all those details will be in a separate post.

Week 13 is the last week for any and all extra credits.

I will return your 2nd exam at the end of class on Wednesday.

Final Exam DATE: Wednesday, December 20th 1:00-3:00pm. More details to follow.

That’s about it!


Professor Dunphy


Hey 1165,

Exam #2 is done! Enjoy the week. Another post to follow about next week’s class.

In the meantime, an excellent grad student needs 1165’s help.

So, let’s show her we are better than the OTHER 1165 section taught by the excellent Professor Rodman. Go Wednesday Class!

Fill out the survey below.


Professor Dunphy