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Blog Post #3 – Fall 2018 – 10/4

Hi All,

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend. I’ll see you tomorrow for class… this post is for the third blog post of the semester.

Due before Thursday, October 4th – 2pm. Don’t be late! Deadlines are important.

Blog Assignment:

I usually do not have students focus on the controversy du jour because things can change so quickly, but in the current climate, I believe it is necessary.

Research (newspapers, magazines, TV news, internet, etc) what is happening with The Supreme Court and President Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Write your opinion on the situation. Do not just summarize it. Don’t forget to link us to your sources.

Some prompts:

What side(s) do you come out on? Are you able to see this from different POVs? Are there different POVs?

When researching look to sides you agree/disagree with — remember selective exposure, perception and retention? This could play a role in the work.

But I’m giving you some room on what you want to write about.

Word Count: 750+ words

Best of luck!

Professor Dunphy




Tues & Thurs 9/25 and 9/27

Hi Everyone,

We’re back to it, and charging ahead, here’s this week’s readings.

Attached is the new syllabus with a few changes.

Click here: Fall 18 MM Tues & Thurs Syllabus – New

Our two make-ups will follow normal class time on:

Thursday, September 27th and Thursday, October 4th.

This coming week: Classes 5, 6/7 (the make-up is #7)

Please have the books chapter read for Tuesday and the newspapers chapter read for Thursday.

We will start discussing the blog posts as well this coming week into next.

Next blog due – Thursday, October 4th – separate post to follow.

Your TA will respond during that week or sooner.

First Exam – Tuesday, October 9th, scantron, #2 pencil, multiple choice, true/false.

That will end the first section of the course then we move right into the second section.

Alrighty! Have a great weekend! See ya Tuesday!


Professor Dunphy

Back to it! Thursday 9/20

Hey All,

We will be coming back tomorrow Thursday, September 20th.

Your second blog assignment is due BEFORE class. Please check back on the previous posts for the assignment.

I will unveil the adjusted syllabus soon.

If you cannot attend the make-up class time, 3:40-4:55pm (dates to be determined) because of class or work, please email your TA ASAP. Some of you already did and I appreciate it.

See ya tomorrow!


Professor Dunphy

Quick Update for 1165 Fall 2018

Hi Everyone,

Remember, we don’t return until Thursday, September 20th. We are only missing TWO classes. I sent out the blog work in previous posts — one is due on the 13th and the other on the 20th. Please get those done on time/before the deadline.

Your TAs will respond in time, just keep working on your stuff.

Makeup Classes and Syllabus Adjustment:

We are able to keep the room after our 3:30pm class so I may do 2 one-hour makeups. The exact dates are unknown. Once I get settled, I’ll figure it all out.

If you have class after our class, please email your TA and let us know ASAP.

I will be sending a follow-up soon.

Oh and here’s the first moment the two Dunphy sisters met.


Professor DunphyIMG-20180908-WA0013


Hey All,

The baby is here – Wednesday, Sept 5th at 3:47pm.

Below are a few photos.

Speak soon!


Professor Dunphy

Next Few Classes – Fall 2018

Hi Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed the class today- as you see, for 30 minutes I focused on ONE element of the Media Impact chapter– Propaganda… remember, it is your job to read the rest and be prepared. We will continue the chapter next time.

OK! So, just putting it down so you all have this information.

There will be no class from Thursday, September 6th through Thursday, September 20th. We will return on Thursday, September 20th, same time and room.

We will be missing two classes in total, and I am working on make-up dates & times for the classes.

Your first blog post is due next week and the second is due on the 20th, that will not change.

Will update you after all is settled.

Thanks and see you soon!

Professor Dunphy

Blog Post #2 – Due Thurs. Sept 20th

Blog Post due before 2pm on Thursday, September 20th. Of course, this can be posted beforehand. Just don’t miss your deadline.

I was looking at so many different assignments, and spotted this subject… and where we are right now, could be a good day!

Topic: Political Correctness & Language

Read these three articles:


Watch these videos: Content is adult-themed as is the language but you’re adults 🙂

What to Write About:

Do you agree or disagree with political correctness? Is it THAT simple? What about the George Carlin video? What point is he trying to make?

Do you agree/disagree with what is in the articles? What about Bill Maher? Do you agree/disagree? Are his points valid in the two pieces?

What are your thoughts on college campus/safe spaces?

Expand in whatever way you want. Find an article or video that can expand or disagree with the work above… that could be fun.

Word Count: 500-1000 words

Be prepared to discuss in class on the 20th.

Thanks all!

Professor Dunphy