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1165 Week 8 Spring 18

Hi Everyone,

Good discussion yesterday. Hope you’re enjoying the work.

Remember for extra credit (due by week 13) you can discuss some of the albums mentioned and/or the Bruno Mars… situation? Extra credits are earned, not given.

Solid job on the quiz. Most passed!

For next week:

Please read the Radio & TV section from Rodman’s book.


We watched this video at the end of class:

Write about it.

Your thoughts, ideas… is this hate speech? Free speech? Is it protected? Should it be protected? Should a radio host (or anyone in media) be responsible if an individual causes harm to others?

Not just this — explore further than just the above prompts.

Word Count: 500-1000 words

I want to be VERY clear! This is not ONLY from one side of the aisle but in the radio world it is predominately right leaning, so here there ya go.

We will discuss in full on Thursday.

Looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend.

Professor Dunphy


1165 Week 7 March 15th Spring 18

Hello Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed the film discussion! Two favorites for sure. Both were extremely influential on my upbringing so why not share?

For next week:

Please read Rodman’s Chapter 7 – Recordings and read the “Controversy section” of the Radio chapter.

For your blog:

After our quick discussion yesterday, I decided to make it a 21 year anniversary party.

Your Favorite Album vs. My Favorite Album

My favorite album is Radiohead’s OK Computer (1997)

You can find the album ANYWHERE so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Listen to the album, give a review of the album as a whole. 

*The only unacceptable review is any form of: “I don’t listen to this kind of music.”

Do RESEARCH (reviews? Lyrics?), work with the album for a few days…. and write this how you want. However, you SHOULD listen to this album several times before reviewing it.

Include these few:

Do you see any similarities between this album and the articles we’ve read? The movies we’ve watched? If so, how?

Pick ONE song to break down – either the one you liked the most, least, etc. Don’t just say, I like it. Really go into it.

Extra Credit if you can guess my favorite and give a reason why.

More Extra Credit: A year ago Radiohead released the 20th anniversary of the album, and added MORE songs, it’s called OKNOTOK Computer. You can add to your post using this album.

Your Favorite Album:

I need an album to listen to — I miss new music. Convince me to buy this album.

Which is the best song? Why? Really get into it.

Knowing OK Computer is my favorite… it does give you a leg up on things.

Looking forward to seeing which album you chose and what you think of OK Computer.

Word Count: Whatever you believe is COLLEGE LEVEL work. Seriously. This could be the redeeming post that ups your grade. Earn it.

Enjoy the MUSIC! And if you’ve gotten this far, I SO may quiz you on the recordings chapter.


Professor Dunphy


1165 Class March 8 is on

Hello 1165,

Just letting you know I will be holding class at the normal time and room.

I will see you soon!

Professor Dunphy

1165 Film Week – Spring 18

Hello 1165,

First exam in the books! Congrats. You will receive your grade at the end of next week’s class.

For next week: Read Rodman’s Film chapter

Your TA should respond by Monday, March 5th. If you have not heard from them by the 6th, email me at

If you haven’t been doing the work or heard from them yet… where have you been?

Your Blog Assignment is as follows:

Word Count – 1500+ words. 

Take the notes of your TA, and use them to guide you on your work.

First and foremost!! Hope you like the movies I selected for us.

Gattaca (1997) and Pump Up The Volume (1990) – yep. Old school. At least they’re not black & white.

For the film GATTACA (1997) a personal favorite, directed by Andrew Niccol:

Did you like it, why or why not. Which characters did you like? Why? Always think of why.

Important note – know the character names, and info. It’s not Ethan Hawke, it’s Vincent. Etc.

This movie was made 20+ years ago — does it hold up? If released today, would this movie work? Be successful? Give me reasons. Anything else you want to add? Go for it! Use Rodman’s text or anything else so far in the semester if you want.

I will give you a wide berth here so discuss the film how you want.

The only unacceptable answer is: I don’t like/watch these kind of movies.

I don’t like romantic comedies yet I saw Sleepless in Seattle. And it’s so good.

Second Film is Pump Up the Volume.

Compare the two films. Are they comparable? You can use the above questions but see below for required work.

React, review, use Rodman’s Chapter 2 for this film or films.

There are several theories in chapter 2, see if you can get them or maybe even surprise me on some! This is required. 

But also a review and give some reactions… be honest… if you loved it — try to figure out why. If you hated it — why.

What do you think happens after the movie ends?

Both films will be sent in MP4 format, so you can watch them on your iPhone, iPad, etc.

Both films are about 1 hour 40 minutes.

If you haven’t received the wetransfer link by Friday afternoon, email me at

Looking forward to lecturing on film history and BOTH films next week.

Have a good one!

Professor Dunphy

Be an Extra in Unproductive

Hi Class,

Hopefully you’re studying… for an opt to receive some extra credit.

Every year the TVR department does a webseries (you’ll be watching season 1 & 2 for sure, and maybe season 3) for broadcast on our channel and youtube.

We are currently in post production for season 3 and pre-production for season 4.

We need shots of students listening to a radio show, walking and talking, etc.

If you would like to be an extra, contact me at

I’ll pass your name along to my team.

Best of luck studying!

Professor Dunphy

Exam #1 – 3/1

Hey Everyone,

Your first exam is on Thursday, March 1st.

The exam begins promptly at 3:40pm and lasts 45 minutes or so.

Please bring a #2 pencil.

The exam will cover Rodman’s Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Anything from the chapters is fair game.

Study up!

Afterward the exam, there will be a required screening.

Good luck.

Professor Dunphy

Cool Opt!

Hey All,

Every so often I post about cool things going on in school.

This is one of them!

WHEN: Tuesday, February 27, 2018
WHERE: Whitehead Hall, Room 302s
TIME: 12:30 pm- 1:30 pm
IEGE Website:
SASK Website:
Plenty of students have done it so maybe it’s something you should look into!
Flyer is below!