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Make up Class – Tuesday March 12th 6:00pm

Hi All,

I sent out the next class’s work, so please look back on it. I’ll see you on the 25th. No class on Monday the 18th.

Here are the details for our makeup class:

Tuesday, March 12th from 6:00-9:00pm

Room: 148 Ingersoll Extension, it’s a brand new room.

Subject: Unproductive Season 4 premiere with panel discussions

Check out our first 3 seasons online:


This is our make-up class for week 1. However, there is no requirement to attend but I will be taking attendance with a sign-in sheet. Considering you will be watching the season anyway, this is an early start, and you’ll be getting some great behind the scenes info.

If you’re interested in television & radio (and internet), this could be something that you will want to pursue. We are currently writing season 5, but already looking for writers and production people for season 6.

On Feb 25th, I will send around a confirmation sheet to the class.

If you cannot attend (class, work or whatever) please email your TA and let them know ASAP with your class schedule. If you have work, I gave you 5+ weeks notice, maybe you can arrange something. Please don’t email me, email YOUR TA.

Enjoy the week and see you on the 25th.

Professor Dunphy


Class #3 Spring 2019 – Feb 25th

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay! I was waiting for the video below to become available.

Our next class isn’t until Feb 25th, the campus is closed on Monday, Feb 18th. So enjoy the Monday off.

The readings for 2/25:

Rodman’s Chapters 3 & 4 – Books and Newspapers.

Blog #2 – Due Monday, Feb 25th before 12:30pm

Watch: A Night at The Garden

Write a response to it. Did you have any reaction to it? Why? Why not….

Look up an article or articles about the short documentary and/or about the event itself. Minimum 1 article plus… think about chapter 2 and incorporate it into your blog.

Add anything you want to this but as always prove your points, expand on your ideas…

Word Count: 750+

See you on the 25th!


Professor Dunphy

Extra Credit! Spring 2019

Hey Everyone,

I will be posting the next blog assignment sometime later today. All extra credits are due anytime before week 13 by 12:30pm.

To answer your questions, yes, you can listen to the Green Day album I mentioned, or watch the films I’ve mentioned.

When you do, post about it 1000+ words, and really earn the extra credit. Don’t summarize the film… but really write about it. This is EXTRA credit is not guaranteed but if the work is done, you’ll get it. So listening to the album once and writing this long piece isn’t going to be a solid piece… instead listen to it a bunch of times over the course of a few days/weeks THEN write about it.

Events come up where you can attend, take a selfie or a few photos, write about it, and that’ll count too! Per example, there’s one coming up in a few weeks.

Here’s the email I just received:

MSNBC Fireside Chat at Brooklyn College

Tuesday, March 5th

12:30pm – 1:30pm

Woody Tanger Auditorium

RSVP at via the Career Tab or email Michael Sarrao at

Confirmed guests include:

Chris Hayes: journalist and host of the weekday show “All In with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC. Hayes is also editor-at-large of The Nation. Since 2002, Hayes has written on a wide variety of political and social issues, from union organizing and economic democracy to the intersection of politics and technology.

More information on Hayes’:

Trymaine Lee: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who covers guns, poverty and education. Prior to joining MSNBC, Lee was a senior reporter with the Huffington Post, where he covered national stories that impacted the black community.

More information on Trymaine Lee:

Hope to see you there!


Michael Sarrao

Career Education and Training Specialist

Magner Career Center

Brooklyn College

718 951 5696


Drop-In Hours

Stay connected with Magner Center for the latest career news:

–    Facebook

–    Twitter

–    Instagram

–    YouTube

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–    Pinterest


You should go! It’s during common hours and looks like a lot of fun!

I may be there as well.

Many more extra credits to come.


Professor Dunphy

Monday, Feb 11th 2019 — 1165

Hello 1165,

This is your first post for Spring 2019 1165. All work below is due by 12:30pm on Monday, Feb 11th. Included in this post is some information as well. Please read it in full.

*Make-up for our missed course is Tuesday, March 12th in the evening. Details forthcoming.*

*I posted the syllabus and the assignment documents in the previous post.*

*The blog assignment doc is just a guide — use this site to follow what assignments are due on a weekly basis. Please set up your wordpress blog as the assignments will be posted on your own blog.*

*You will receive an email from your TA (either Medina or Liza) so please check your registered Brooklyn College email. That could be an AOL (HA!), brooklyn college or gmail, or anything else. If you haven’t received one by Friday, please email me at – However, before you email, make sure you check your email/spam, etc.*

More to come but onto the next class…

For Monday, Feb 11th:

Please get a copy of Rodman’s book — used or rent. Do not buy it NEW. is a go to for cheap books. Watch your shipping times, sometimes students order and it takes 5-6 weeks. That will not be good.

Read Rodman’s Chapters 1 & 2, be prepared to discuss the most interesting elements.

Your First Blog due anytime before Monday, 12:30pm on your wordpress blog:

Facebook celebrated its 15th Anniversary on Feb. 4th.

I’d like for you to write about the site and what people think about it.

Using sources including Rodman’s Chapter 2 plus these two articles,

Write whether or not Facebook has been good for the world or not.

Is it “good” or “bad” – I’ll let you define that.

Expand on your answers… you can look to the 15 influencers and agree or disagree with them. Regardless, expand on your answers and the statements given. Always give the WHY. Just don’t take their thoughts and write “yes, I agree.”

Has your opinion changed about the social media giant over the years? Mine certainly has…

Add anything else you would like… more sources? More prompts? Your choice.

1000% DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE ARTICLES. I’ve read them. I don’t need a summary.

Word Count: 500-1000 words

Looking forward to the semester!

See everyone on Monday.


Professor Dunphy

Spring 19 – 1165

Here is the syllabus and assignment sheet!

Spring 19 MM Monday Syllabus

Spring 19 MM Blog Assignment

Final Grades Are In

1165 Fall 2018,

The grades are in so once they are available on CUNYFirst, you should be able to access them. Remember, before you question your grade, look at your work. I was quite fair. Probably too fair.

I have final papers to grade and then a small vacation so if you do have an issue with your grade, I will respond sometime after the new year. Please be patient.

I wish you all success, a great end of year, and an incredible 2019.

Lastly, if you want to unsubscribe to the blog, please feel free to do so on your own.


Professor Dunphy


1165 Blog Grades Fall 2018

Hi Class,

Hope you are studying for finals. I’ll see you on Thursday for our final exam. Remember to bring a #2 pencil, etc.

Please read this entire post.

All the blogs SHOULD be finished by Thursday but starting tomorrow students who had Brittany, Stephanie, and Jessica can email requesting your blog grade. I am about to begin Magdalena’s so please be patient with that, she doesn’t have the grades yet. I may end up just giving you the grade with the comments.

The blog grade is on a 1-30 scale. If you wonder what it works out to… take 100/30 = 3.33 x your score. So, if you received a 27 out of 30 x 3.333 = 90 or an A.

If you missed a blog/lateness/under word count etc, you were dropped a few points, the less you did, the more points were taken off. There were 10 blogs in total so if you missed 3, you missed 30% of the work plus two late posts. This hurts the grade quite a bit.

As you can see I read them, and comment on each of them with some detail.

Most did well, and I was very happy with the overall work.

Here are some (not all) well done blogs. Look at them and see what they did vs what you did. The work is not perfect but all did a solid job.

A few things that showed up throughout:

It’s spelled Michael not Micheal. A bunch of you did that. Spelling errors as well. I can’t understand that one.

Writing — a visit to the writing/learning center is not a bad idea.

A lot of you questioned Roxy punching Michael… but I think it was one of the most important aspects of the show. It was the moment that led to Roxy/Austin breaking up as a team, the protests, etc. If she just talked to Michael or yelled, it wouldn’t have started the chain reaction for episodes 4, 5, and 6. You’re also expecting someone to act rationally in that situation… easier said than done.

Shorter season = less other things. Some criticized seasons 1 & 2 for doing too much then wanted more supporting elements in season 3. Per example: Seeing Michael and Valerie or Emily & her parents. While that’s fine, this is not what the show is about. The focus was Roxy/Austin. If we had those scenes, it wouldn’t add to the show, and probably ends up on the cutting room floor. Also, we have limitations on what we can shoot for time. We had 12 shooting days and 65 pages. That’s not easy.

There’s so much more but you get the point.

I believe the blog grades are more than fair. Of course there are 130 of you, so if one or two of you believe the grade is wrong, that’s 98% accuracy. I’ll take it. If you have an issue with the grade — look at those blogs before questioning the score. Look at what you missed, didn’t do, and see I was probably MORE than fair with the score.

As a gift for making it this far– here are the powerpoints — do not just study these. But maybe they will help as a guide.





See you all on Thursday.


Professor Dunphy