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Fall 2019 – Monday, Sept 23rd

Hi Everyone,

Next class is on Monday, September 23rd… I’ll see you then!

In the meantime, please make sure to have the NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES chapters read. From the looks of it, you didn’t really do the readings… or started/skimmed but didn’t retain anything. Your job is to read the text and absorb the work. Hopefully you do that for next week. Ultimately, it’s your choice.

We will continue the work with the history, industry practices, and controversies… for those who are contributing– great! For those who haven’t yet, don’t be shy… it’s just a conversation. It can only help!

For the blog due BEFORE 12:30pm on Monday:

Earlier this year, Facebook celebrated their 15th anniversary… it had a significant cultural impact and still continues to — regardless of whether or not you use the site. If you didn’t know, FB also owns INSTAGRAM + WHATSAPP so you’re probably connected to them in some way.

Using sources including Rodman’s Chapter 2 plus these two articles,

Write whether or not Facebook has been good for the world or not.

Is it “good” or “bad” – I’ll let you define that. Why did you define it as such?

Expand on your answers… you can look to the 15 influencers and agree or disagree with them. Regardless, expand on your answers and the statements given. Always give the WHY. Just don’t take their thoughts and write “yes, I agree.”

Has your opinion changed about the social media giant over the years? Mine certainly has. Add anything else you would like… more sources? More prompts? Your choice.

1000% DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE ARTICLES. I’ve read them. I don’t need a summary.

Word Count: 500-1000 words

Have a good week.

Professor Dunphy



Fall 2019 – Week 3 Sept 16th

Hi Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s class and great discussion. As I said and Tyrese said — there’s no real answer… or no right answer. But it’s a worthy topic.

Please contact Amy – if your TA has not sent you the welcome email. We had such a quick turnaround between class 1 & 2, I didn’t foresee the issue… but now we should be good to go.

Remember: The TA has till sometime in October to respond to your work — so keep working.

For next week:

Please have Rodman’s Books & Newspapers chapters read — I’m debating on giving the first quiz soon. Just to keep you honest.

The blog work:

As a student, you are entitled to a FREE New York Times subscription:

Use the link above to get access.

The assignment:

Read a minimum of 2 articles in the 1619 Project. You can read more but it has to be at least 2. Hence the word minimum.

Read this: and others like it if you want.

What to write about:

How does this all make you feel and why? What did you learn? Was there something that surprised you?

Did the project give you new insight?

What about what conservatives are saying about the project? Is the 1619 Project what the conservatives say it is? Do you understand their POV?

Feel free to explore anything else…. don’t just limit yourself.

Word Count: 650+ words

That’s it! Have a great week. I’ll post this on blackboard as well.


Professor Dunphy



Fall 2019 1165 – Class 2

Hello 1165,

**For former students – if you wish to unsubscribe, please do so, I cannot do it for you.

Hope you enjoyed the first class and best of luck during the semester!

This is your first post for Fall 2019 1165. All work below is due by 12:30pm on Monday, Sept 9th. Included in this post is some information as well. Please read it in full. I will put this on my blog as well.

*I posted the syllabus and the assignment documents on blackboard.

It’s here as well: Fall 19 MM Blog Assignment Fall 19 MM Monday Syllabus

*The blog assignment doc is just a guide — use this site to follow what assignments are due on a weekly basis. Please set up your wordpress blog as the assignments will be posted on your own blog.*

*You will receive an email from your TA  so please check your registered Brooklyn College email. That could be an AOL (HA!), brooklyn college or gmail, or anything else. If you haven’t received one by Friday, please email me at – However, before you email, make sure you check your email/spam, etc.*

More to come but onto the next class…

For Monday, Sept 9th:

Please get a copy of Rodman’s book — used or rent. Do not buy it NEW. is a go to for cheap books. Watch your shipping times, sometimes students order and it takes 5-6 weeks. That will not be good.

Under COURSE DOCUMENTS you will see I put the first two chapters up. Read Rodman’s Chapters 1 & 2, be prepared to discuss the most interesting elements.

It’s here as well: Rodman Chaps 1 & 2

Your First Blog:

Posted before 12:30pm, September 9th.

Everyone should be allowed to have a voice on the internet.
Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why do you?
Give a positive example of how voices on the internet have helped. Can you think of a negative example?
Explain your answer.
Word Count: 500+ words
I’ll see you on Monday!
Professor Dunphy

Spring 2019 – Final Grades

Hello 1165,

I just wanted to give you a head’s up that your final grades are in… I was generous as always but not generous where the grades mean nothing.

I’m taking a few days off so if you have questions, please be patient when emailing me about your grade, the class or anything else.

If you do not want to remain part of the class blog, please unsubscribe. I cannot do it for you…

Lastly, I hope you enjoyed the work as much as I love teaching it. I hope you learned something, you were moved by something, or changed in some way. Whatever it was — my hope is you got something from the work.

Have a great summer and best to all of you.

Professor Dunphy

Best Blogs Spring 2019

Hi Again Everyone,

A large portion of you have received your grade for the blog assignment. It’s based on a 1-30 scale… so take your score and multiply by 3.333. If you received a 23.5, that’s about a 78. A 27 is a 90 and a 15 is a 50.

In case you were wondering why you received (or will receive) the grade you did take a look at this short list of high scoring blogs. While far from perfect, do a quick compare and contrast to yours, and you’ll see why they earned higher marks than you did.

Just because you’re not on the list doesn’t mean you did not do well…

Here are some:



Professor Dunphy

Final Grades & Blog Status

Hello 1165,

Congrats on finishing the course — I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved teaching it.

I haven’t received all of the blog addresses from some of your classmates, so I can’t finish the blog grades and final grades until then. I emailed each one and now I’m just waiting for them.

I am hoping to finish the blogs today but the final grades will not be in till after the weekend.

Just wanted to give you that update.

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

Professor Dunphy



I sent this email to the email you have registered through BC. You may have received it, you may not have. Please respond so I can grade your blog.

Do not respond on the blog – email and so we can handle the situation.

ONCE AGAIN – THIS IS FOR LIZA’S STUDENTS ONLY. If you received responses from Medina throughout the semester this does not apply to you.

Dear Liza’s Students:

First and foremost, I want to apologize for the TA’s responses to your blogs this semester. This assignment depends on the TA being active and letting you know how you are doing during the semester. I was aware there were issues but the TA promised things would be handled. However, a large majority of you did not receive adequate responses. This is unacceptable to me and I will remedy this.
I’ve never encountered this situation before so I am sorry this happened. I put my trust in responsible students but sometimes things go array. Sadly, this is one of those times.
What I plan to do:
Please respond to this email by hitting REPLY all to myself and Medina, INCLUDE the link to your wordpress blog.
Medina the ta –
Step 1 – # of blogs done:
We will tally your blogs and make sure they were done by the due date.
Step 2 – How I plan to grade:
I cannot look at each post, grade them, and go from there… instead, I will grade on a curve while factoring in the lack of responses.
— You will still be graded on a 1-30 scale.
— Each blog completed on time will count for full points
— Each missing blog will count for less than usual vs those who had Medina as their TA.
— I will factor all the issues this semester into your final score, hence the “curve.”
If you didn’t do the work — this situation doesn’t apply to you. If you didn’t do a majority of the work that has everything to do with you and nothing to do with the TA’s performance.
However, if you want to be graded — send in the wordpress link.
Step 3 – Grading
I will make comments on the final blog via email.
Once again, I am sorry this happened.
I plan to have these all done by Tuesday/Wednesday of next week.
Professor Dunphy