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Monday 10/21 – 1165 f2019

Hi All,

Remember, we have a quick turnaround– I’ll see you on Monday. My hope is to have the exams graded by then. No promises. If I do finish the grades, I’ll give them out at the end of class.

Few notes:

There are a BUNCH of you who haven’t done the blogs or have only posted late blogs. This will end up hurting your final grade. There’s still time to do it. Late blogs add up — so keep that in mind. The blog work is 30% of your overall grade.

If your TA didn’t respond to your first set — please speak to Amy.

Extra Credits:

I announce during class and those are for everyone. As I always say, you’re not given extra credit, you have to earn it. Per example, if you watch HEAT (1995) directed by Michael Mann and write 500 words summarizing the film, you will not receive extra credit. Never summarize a film or a show. If I mentioned it, it’s probably because I’ve seen the movie, film, or whatever.

There’s an extra credit opt on Wednesday Oct 23rd 1:00-2:30pm — see this doc.

KUS MLW BC Screening (1)

Take a photo of you being there, write a bit about it, post and you should receive credit.

For Monday 10/21:

I sent out the blog assignment two days ago, please look back on it, and complete it before 12:30pm.

For the reading: Please read Rodman’s Radio chapter

See you on Monday.

Professor Dunphy


1165 Next Blog Due 10/21

Hi All,

We have another quick turnaround, we meet tomorrow 10/16, THEN we meet again on Monday 10/21…. I think we meet every Monday till the end of the semester.


Exam + Blog due tomorrow.

On Monday, October 21st:

I will send a follow-up with readings.

The blog work below is due Monday, October 21st before 12:30pm.

War of the Worlds by Orson Welles — see video embedded below.

Listen to the whole thing… it’s awesome.

Put yourself in the 1938, and hearing this on the radio. I know it’s difficult but try to place yourself there — it’ll help.

How would you react? How did the people listening react? Think about the power of the voice aspect… would this ever happen today? Maybe not radio but in general. Have you ever fallen for a hoax? Or something like this?

Why do you believe the creators did WoW in such a manner? What do you think they were trying to do and why?

Also, use Chapter 2 (Media Impact) and some of those theories — similar to previous post.

Make sure to point out “best moments” — make sure to put in the times… Example: Best moments 1:24-150

And of course — discuss why you chose those moments.

Can you relate this to anything going on today?

Word Count: 500-750 words… or more if you want!


I will follow-up on what is to be read for this class.

See you tomorrow.

Good luck on the exam and hope you enjoyed Pump Up The Volume & Gattaca.


Professor Dunphy

Reminder 1165 Class on WEDNESDAY 10/16

Hello Everyone,

It’s Monday the 14th and we are not meeting today. Our next meeting is on Wednesday, Oct. 16th. Same time, same room, etc.

Last post:

The link above goes over everything you need to know about Wednesday’s class. Please be on time as we will start the exam promptly.


Professor Dunphy


1165 Fall 2019 – Wednesday Oct. 16th

Hello Everyone,

All apologies about not being there today for the exam. I’m sure you’ll all broken up about it…

Here is the schedule for the next class.

Your TA should respond to your posts — if you haven’t heard from them by Sunday, October 13th, email me at

We do NOT meet on Monday, October 14th and will meet on Wednesday, October 16th.  Same time, same classroom.

What we will do on Wednesday, October 16th:

You will take your exam during the first part of class… then we will discuss the FILM section and the blog.

Reading: Rodman’s Film chapter

Blog 1: Due WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 16th before 12:30pm

First and foremost!! Hope you like the movies. Take the notes of your TA, and use them to guide you on your work. Keep improving!

Pump Up The Volume (1990) and Gattaca (1997) – yep. Old school. At least they’re not black & white.

Click on this link:

It is valid for a week so make sure you click on it before 12:30pm Monday, October 14th or you will have to find the films yourself.


Word Count – 1000-1200 words total.


Did you like the films, why or why not. Which characters did you like? Why? Always think of why.

What do you believe the filmmakers are attempting to say and how are they saying it?

Important note – know the character names, and info. It’s not Ethan Hawke, it’s Vincent. Etc. It’s not Christian Slater, it’s Mark (and his alter-ego,) etc.

Compare the two films. Are they comparable?

React, review, use Rodman’s Chapter 2  – required.

There are several theories in chapter 2, see if you can get them or maybe even surprise me on some! This is required. 

But also a review and give some reactions… be honest… if you loved it — try to figure out why. If you hated it — why.

These movies were made 20+ to almost 30 years ago — do they hold up? If released today, would the movie work? Be successful? Give me reasons. Anything else you want to add?

The only unacceptable answer is: I don’t like/watch these kind of movies.

I don’t like romantic comedies yet I saw Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail! And they’re so good.


Both films are in MP4 format, so you can watch them on your iPhone, iPad, etc. The run time is about 1 hour 40 minutes so please make the time to watch both.

The link expires on Monday at 12:30pm so if you haven’t downloaded it by Monday morning 10/14, you missed out.

Looking forward to lecturing on film history and BOTH films next week.

Extra Credit: Really go to town on these, and extend the work. I will consider extra credit for it.

That’s about it.

Once again – sorry for missing class.

See you next Wednesday!


Professor Dunphy

Exam Postponed 10/7

Hello Everyone,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I won’t be able to make it to class today. Our exam is therefore postponed until Wednesday 10/16.

I will follow-up with a blog post for what will happen on the 16th.

Thank you and all apologies.


Professor Dunphy

Quick Few Things

Hi 1165,

I will see you on Monday, October 7th for your first exam. Please see the previous post for all the details.

Remember during class 1 I said we usually have some breaking news event corresponding with the medium we’re covering? Well, we missed it by a day or two for the newspapers section.

Over the past week, the Washington Post, NY Times, and Wall Street Journal have released incredible stories about The Trump administration… and has led to an impeachment inquiry of Trump. It’s an insanely fast moving story but the basics are:

Trump made a phone call to the President of the Ukraine and asked for a favor — that favor, investigate his top political rival’s family and help him prove a debunked conspiracy theory. There’s $400 million dollars in military assistance attached to this, and we are finding out more and more and more every single day. Whether you believe it’s real or not, impeachment worthy or not — it’s a huge story. As John Oliver said: “it’s very getable.” Like it’s easy to understand.

One of the things you may hear is how this is connected or similar to Watergate/Nixon in the 1970s. If you have ANY interest I’ve attached three links for you.

All the President’s Men:

The above link expires in a week so watch it and if you want, extra credit.

The videos below are from the dvd, and online.

This is one of the bigger stories in recent history —

Have a great week! Good luck studying!


Professor Dunphy

Class 5 – 10/7 – First Exam

Hi Everyone,

Here is a reminder – there is NO CLASS on Monday, September 30th, our next class is on Monday, October 7th.

That will be your first exam and we will cover Chapters 1-4 (I cut one chapter, hopefully you’ll use it to your advantage) in Rodman’s book. Everything in the book is fair game. My suggestion would be to start looking stuff over and then ramp up as we near the exam day. Do not study the night before or do…

The exam begins promptly at 12:50 and you will have about an hour(ish).

Please bring a #2 pencil – I supply but only for an insanely high fee.

This is a scantron exam, multiple choice and true/false. Btw, A=True, B=False on the scantron.

After the exam there will be a required screening relating to the “film” chapter the following class. As ANOTHER reminder – our class after the exam is on WEDNESDAY October 16th.

Just keep that in mind.

That’s all! See you in two weeks!