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Extra Credit Opts!

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Hey All,

Today we had THREE ‘media events’ happen so you have an extra credit opportunity.

Write 1000+ words  responding to how media outlets are covering…. debating, yelling, crying… etc… cover news, 24/7, websites, radio, whatever you want:

  1. NFL/Tom Brady scandal – hahaha. So funny.
  2. Kim Davis, Rowan County Clerks, Kentucky – not funny but fascinating.
  3. #humanitywashedashore – awful, terrible, and not fascinating. Just sad.

Report on the media response (Facebook, twitter responses are ok here too!) for the next day or so (news broke today)…. and give your opinion on what’s happening.

Each one is worth 1 “point” and you can do up to THREE extra points.

All extra credits are posted to your blog and due by Week 13 before 12pm.

Have a great Labor weekend.


Professor Dunphy


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