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Week 3 Work for 1165!

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Hello All,

This work is for week 3, due before 12pm on your blog. Sending it now to give you a head start!

Few things:

PLAN YOUR WEEK properly! Between the videos (below) and the readings assigned… it’s not a light week but necessary to ground us in Mass Media and the work we will be doing all semester long.


If you have yet to hear from your TA, email your in-class TA and we can connect you.

The TA has a date to when to respond to your blogs (some not all,) they do not have to respond as you post or right after. They’re students too! Give them time to respond.

Please treat them with respect, they do not work for you – they work for me.

Will be sending out the details of Unproductive and Media Nights by Friday.

All extra credits are due by Week 13 before 12pm unless specifically noted.

For Class 3:

Please read Rodman’s 3 & 4 – books and newspapers

Always bring the book(s) to class. It’s only once a week!

Exam update – definitely will have chapters 1, 2, 3, & 4 as of now on exam 1… which is in October…. I feel a quiz coming up in the next week or two.

Blog Post:

Read Satire’s Brew – the forward/intro and ALL of Lecture 1 on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 

Watch the videos below — I just checked the links, they work. If for some reason, they’re not working… look at the url and you can see the segment’s title… and search. You can do it!

Respond to the lecture and the videos, using each is a requirement for this blog post.

Word Count is in the document…. as it was there for the last post too. So anyone who posted below the word count did not do the assignment properly.

This is the first time, I will be teaching this subject in the past tense! Very odd indeed!

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Videos: There are 3.

TDS vs. Fox News



JS Interview:

This is an extended interview — and it’s fascinating to watch b/c of how JS is able to discuss complicated (yet not) issues.


You may ask yourself… who is Judith Miller? Well, you should look her up and be kinda upset!

Last Notes:

I know this may SEEM like a lot of work…. but it thins out as the semester goes on.

Prepare the week by spreading it out.

My advice – start sooner rather than later.

Oh and make sure you write: Jon Stewart not John Stewart.

That’s it… another post or two to come in the next day or so!


Professor Dunphy


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