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Week 4 Mass Media fall 2015

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Hello Everyone,

Week 3 is in the books (get it, books?) and week 4 will be our next foray into the awesome world of Media…. so here is your work.

We will finish newspapers and magazines… PLUS you will be reading Satire’s Brew “Origins” chapter which is kind of chapter 3…. but not titled as such. If you’re not reading about Thomas Nast – and Amsterdam… you’re reading the wrong lecture.

For the blog post – due at 12pm as per usual:


React: Look at the blog assignment for details…. but think of power… think of what Oliver is doing.

React some more: Do not forget to use the latest Satire’s Brew chapter but try to use all you’ve learned so far. The SB Origins Chapter is mandatory.

And for fun! Watch and laugh:

Other Notes:

Your first exam is week 5 — so far chapters 1-4 are definitely on there and we’ll see about chapter 5 from Rodman’s book. 50 questions. Multiple choice, true and false… #2 pencil. Oh, and a mandatory film to follow.

Your blog work: I will be emailing some good blogs and some not so good blogs… I won’t get to all of them so if you don’t get an email from me – don’t think ANYTHING of it. I just like to check in every so often.

Besides that… enjoy the week and see you for Week #4.


Professor Dunphy


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