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Recordings and Radio Week!

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Hello 1165 Monday & Wednesday,

Film is out of the way though we always somehow come back to it. Your exams have been returned. You have plenty of extra credit opts… and Unproductive premieres tonight! Busy busy busy.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight (see previous post) to watch the first four episodes of Unproductive.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the Gattaca lesson!

For this coming week we have recordings and radio and of course a chance at a quiz.

Please have those chapters read.

For the blog assignment, due before 12pm.

You will be listening to Orson Welles and The Mercury Theater’s ‘War of the Worlds’ radio broadcast.

Here’s the link on Youtube, if this doesn’t work, there are plenty of others that have the recording. Find it.

Read these four articles below:


What to write/answer:
–What did you think of the broadcast? Why do you think people were so fooled? If they were.
— Pick 2-3 parts (put the times down, 4:30-6:58 per example) of what you considered the “scariest,” “most tense,” “the part where the audience listening freaked out!!!!” Give reasons why you picked these sections.
— Do you think this could happen again — not via radio but any form of mass media.
— Add anything else.
Word Count: 500-750 words
Enjoy the broadcast.
See you next Week!
Professor Dunphy

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