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MM Work & Blog Post – Week 8 November 2nd & 4th

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Hello Monday & Wednesday Class,



For Monday’s 11/2: we will cover the rest of radio and Television chapter.

For Wednesday’s 11/4: we will cover the rest of radio, the television chapter AND we will be extending class by a 75 minutes as part 1 of 2 to make up for the missed class a few weeks back.

Wednesday, please have Satire’s Brew Lecture 4, South Park & The American Experience read in addition to radio, and TV chapters.

– You will get the “South Park” lesson in the 340-455pm time frame.

– If you can’t make the class, that does not excuse the work/reading.

Blog Work

Monday and Wednesday’s Class (Wednesday will have one more blog post) – Watch the first four episodes of UNPRODUCTIVE at unproductivewebseries.com – the first 2 already aired, the 3rd & 4th will be available on Tuesday and Thursday at 9o

— Tweet, post, do whatever you want for the social media aspect for Unproductive. The more tweets (and followers) and retweets, maybe some extra credit! If you do a viewing party — post it!!

— The Blog Writing: Word Count – 600-800 words

– Things to think about:

What is the premise of the show and is it coming through? Do you understand the characters and their motivations? Why they are doing things?

Discuss the major elements in the first four episodes.

What is the back story of each character so far (or what you’ve learned,) what do you think is going to happen — and WHY do you think this is going to happen? What do you WANT to happen?

Which character have you connected with? And Why!!?

What scene(s) and episode(s) did you like the most – and why.

I cannot stress the importance of the WHY in this — ALWAYS give explanations.

Blog due by 12pm day of class.

Wednesday, Blog 2 – due on 11/4 by 12pm (Monday, you will receive other episodes but you can start on the reading)

South Park and “Satire’s Brew – Lecture 4, South Park and The American Experience”

Word Count – 500-750

Look at the document and answer those questions — using Satire’s Brew! Which is mandatory.

Episodes will be sent to you by your TA via wetransfer.com… they are also on hulu.com but you have to sign up for a free trial (FREE YAY!) or continue the subscription.

Watch both please and be prepared to discuss.

Wednesday class – If you haven’t received the episodes by Friday email Charles, your in-class TA.

Hope you like the 4th lecture and the episodes!

See you all soon.


Professor Dunphy


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