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Week 10 – Internet & Blog Assignment Change

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Hey 1165 Wednesday and Monday,

Morning to both classes – sorry for the delay in the post but it is advisement week right before registration week! Get your schedule together… plan alternatives that work best. My advice: Try to do 3 days in a row so you have 4 days off.

If any of you are interested, I think I am teaching summer writing (TVR 2616) and possibly 2265 – more TV & Radio history. We do some really fun stuff so you should consider it.

Wednesday – we are staying a bit longer to make up for the work I missed – same as last week.

The Reading for Week 10:

— Rodman’s Internet chapter. You guys are living in this medium… you should learn the history because in the future you will say: “I remember…” and younger people will roll their eyes at you.

Class Work & Blog Post:

**This is a change for the blog post – I am changing the assignment. Please read below***

Please watch Unproductive episodes 5-8 (yes, Wednesday, I know you will only have 5-7) but you do not have to post on them YET. I am attaching the episodes to the final blog post. However, I plan on discussing the episodes in class – so be prepared for them.

The Blog Post:

We have discussed POWER in all (or most) forms but INTERNET has an incredible amount of power.

Watch this 30+ minute TED TALK with Edward Snowden.

I want your opinion on what he says, what he did, and all that it entails.

Give me reasons WHY on everything. You’re not wrong here — it’s opinion but you need to give WHY.

I’ve said and will always say, “I’d rather a world with Edward Snowden than one without.”

What do you think?

Word Count: 500 minimum, no maximum

Exam #2:

The chapters will be 6-10, that’s film, recordings, radio, TV, and Internet. True/False, Multiple Choice, and Matching.

OK! Well hope you like the TED TALK.

On a different note: I watched Jurassic World… I don’t get it. Maybe someone can explain why it’s good.

See ya’ll next week.


Professor Dunphy


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