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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Blog Post – update

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Hello 1165,

I wanted to send this out now. This is not due THIS week.

This blog post is due the week AFTER your exam, Wednesday 11/25 and Monday 11/30.

Post: The Daily Show (TDS) & Trevor Noah…. you also have another post on the screening after the exam.

YOU CAN POST THIS ANYTIME before the above date before 12pm. Meaning, you do not have to wait till the above date to do this.

If you want to get started on the Trevor Noah post here is the info.

The Blog Post:

750+ words and no max

Using 3+ episodes (no interviews nor correspondent pieces) of TDS with Trevor Noah plus looking back on Jon Stewart’s stuff and incorporating John Oliver’s show… and using Satire’s Brew Lecture 1…. AND TWO (2) articles about what the press/critics are saying about the show.

— Think of ONE word to describe TDS with Trevor Noah and BUILD YOUR ENTIRE POST OFF OF THAT.

Horrible Example: Funny 

Using the above requirements, explain why the show is “funny.” Use dialogue, actions, pieces, and Satire’s Brew to help form your argument.

Horrible Example: Informative

These two horrible examples are a hint on what NOT to do – of course it is informative…. so that’s easy… I don’t want to give good examples and take away the word.

Think of ONE word to base your entire argument on.

Be able to explain WHY you chose that word and use the above requirements.

Remember, this can be posted ANY TIME before the due date.

That’s all.


Professor Dunphy


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