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Week 12 – Both Classes!

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Hey 1165 WEDNESDAY and then MONDAY,

Only three classes left! You’ll get your exams back during the next class.

Readings: Rodman’s Chapter 11 – News/Journalism

Viewing: Watch the piece from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart featuring Jon Oliver on Gun Control, and Australia. There are THREE segments. It’s on youtube if the link doesn’t work.

Watch them in order…

Here’s a link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOKWcH1zBl2kfnCwyyZWk5MW28lgaNa7L

Blog Post:

React to “Good Night, and Good Luck.” using what happened try to relate it to the present or recent history. Take out ‘Communism’ and replace it with a different word…

Also give a review of the film. Why you liked it, what you liked — but always WHY! Never write: b/c it’s in black and white.

Word Count: 500-750

Due by 12pm as always.

Other blog on Trevor Noah is due by 12pm as well. See earlier post for details.

Have a good week!

Happy Thanksgiving! Aka Happy Family Fighting Day!


Professor Dunphy


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