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Final Exam and Info

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Hello 1165:

Some info first!

We have a few guest speakers coming! Please arrive to class on time for the final few weeks. Showing up late for a guest speaker is unacceptable and rude.

Your two blogs due for week 12 (Trevor Noah & Good Night, and Good Luck) are your last BEFORE the final post on Unproductive.

So, my advice: if you fell asleep during the screening (I saw an impressive amount of you) you should make sure you watch the film and do the post…. because I may read both.

Extra Credits are due by Week 13 before 12pm. You can do up to 3. Remember, to EARN the extra credit by doing the work.

Extra Credit Opt: Read the final lecture, watch some of the clips, some SNL… where Presidential Satire is used… and write a 1000 word response.

See the film “Spotlight” and write a review.

Final Blog Post – Week 14

As stated from the beginning of the semester, I will definitely be reading the Unproductive post over the final week of class into the final exam…. grading that post plus all the work you did throughout the semester via your TA.

Hopefully, I’ll be finished before your exam so you’ll have MOST of your grades back. NO promises. I do have 180 of you.

Speaking of which, your final exam… is NOT cumulative but on the final few chapters (exact chapters to be determined) so stay tuned.

Final Exam Dates & Times:

Wednesday’s Class: Wednesday, December 16th 1-3pm

Monday’s Class: Monday, December 21st 1-3pm

If you have a conflict — please try to work this out with the other class.

If you have any questions, please email me at profdunphy@gmail.com


Professor Dunphy


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