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Final Blog Post – due Week 14

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Hello 1165,

This is it! The final blog post of the semester.

Some details:

This is due week 14 by 12pm.

I will respond to each of you over the final week or two either on your blog or via email.

A grade will be given after I graded all students. Your TA will have the grade and email it out to you.

I will try to get the grade to you before the final exam but with 170+ students that’s a lot in a short amount of time.

Please be patient.

The Blog Work:

Viewing: Unproductive episodes 5-12

Discuss each episode — do NOT summarize what happened — in any way you see fit.

You know by now how to do well in this… Or at least should. So do it.

However, some things to discuss…

Point out things you liked about the episodes and show in general.

Which characters you liked and didn’t like. Give a reason WHY.

Would you want to be in this circle of friends? Why or why not.

Was each character’s arc (their trials and tribulations, their journey, did they change) clear and resolved? Were all the character motivations understood?

Which character reminds you of a friend, family member, or yourself? Go into detail to explain if this works for you.

If you could hang out with one character and be friends with them – who would it be and why?

Did the show end up as you thought?

What do you think will happen next?

You can do more and expand but these are to guide you.

Only unacceptable thing is negative useless criticism or “I just didn’t like it” without a clear and concise reasoning.

Word Count:

No minimum and up to 2000 words maximum. I leave it in your hands.

Good luck and I look forward to reading these.

Professor Dunphy


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