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Blog Grading Update

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Hello Students,

I am working on the blogs and doing my best. There were about 180 of you… and I’m making my way through.

I will not finish them by Monday but hopefully before Christmas. No promises though.

Few things:

If there is an issue, email me and I will respond AFTER I get through all of the blogs… so please be patient. I don’t want to go backwards till I have to.

I will give your final blog grade and final exam grade to your TA. They will email you when it is ready. Please be patient.

I will be sending out some blogs that were A worthy so those who DIDN’T receive an A will see why.

Rubic – How the blog grades are reached:

A+, A, A-
Student did all the work, on time, no missing elements. Went above what was required and/or showed improvement throughout semester. Put in the effort that deserves an A in this section… Possibly TA-worthy.

B+, B
Student did most of the work with a few blemishes such as lateness or missing required elements… the final post not being up to A standards. But did well.

B-, C+, C, C-
Student missed posts/elements/lateness/word count but did enough to pass but was average throughout the semester…

D+, D
Missed several posts, late, and barely did the required work. Final post may or may not have been done.

Missed too many posts regardless of final post.

Thank you and either have a good break or see you tomorrow.

Professor Dunphy


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