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Blog Update and final stuff!

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Hey All,

Students of Monday & Wednesday…

First and foremost – Happy New Year, hope you enjoy the break.

Please read the information below. It will explain everything.

A. I will be posting some of the BEST blogs of the semester in another post. While they’re far from perfect, you will see WHY they received a high grade. If you’re not up there – you still may have received a high grade, I just didn’t post it.

While there was no minimum word count, 2000 max was a good indicator… some of you only did 200-400 words. Not the best way to get a high grade.

B. I am ALMOST done with the final grades, should have them by the end of the week.

C. Starting SOME time this week (please be patient), your TA will be emailing you your blog grade and your exam grade. NOT THE FINAL OVERALL GRADE. DO NOT contact your TA. Wait for them to email you.

D. If you have an issue with your blog grade — email ME with evidence on why you think you should receive a different grade. HOWEVER! Look at the post with the “best” blogs… does yours match up? Look at the rubic… maybe you missed a few or were late or missed some required elements.

E. If you haven’t received ANY responses — EMAIL ME ASAP. But check your email and blog first.

F. TAing – Spring 2016. I only need 1 or 2 more but in the fall 2016 I will need more! If you’re interested in TAing, email me. You have to receive a final grade of B+ or higher.

G. If you want to remain on the blog – don’t do anything. If you want to unsubscribe, you have to do so yourself, I can’t do it.

I believe that is it — the “best blogs” to follow and a final… “the final grades are in” will follow that.

Hope you enjoyed the class as much as I enjoy teaching it.

Best for an excellent break and spring semester!

Professor Dunphy


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