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1165 Class 3 – Monday, 2/22

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Hello 1165,

Two classes in the books! Next week there is no class so our next meeting is Monday, Feb. 22.

Our readings are Rodman’s Chapters 3 & 4 and Satire’s Brew Lecture 1.

The blog post is due that day as well and was sent a few days ago. Please go back and look at it. Remember, there’s viewings and readings so don’t do the work last minute.

Now to some other stuff:

Some Amazing Videos:

Sam Bee (a personal favorite of mine) and her new show, starting off with a bang!

And as if our discussion was heard by Triumph! Bad language and all that but worth the watch — try not to laugh too hard.

And if you made it to here, congrats! Doubtful after that video…

Here are those several articles I spoke about in class.

Rolling Stone – Who Poisoned Flint Michigan


Mother Jones – Cost of Gun Violence


I will be posting the videos I showed in class as well but not today.

See you all in two weeks!


Professor Dunphy


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