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Exam Details & Other Stuff

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Hello 1165!

We’ve gone through theories, books, Thomas Nast, Newspapers, Jon Stewart, and John Oliver! And now we’ve reached our first exam.

The first exam is 50-60 questions, 45 minutes, Multiple Choice, True & False – A is true, B is false.

Everything from chapters 1-5 is fair game… my advice… study. If you study, you’ll do well.

The exam begins PROMPTLY at 12:50 and goes to about 1:35. We will then watch a film afterwards.

Your attendance is mandatory because you will be writing about the film for the following week.

The film will go to almost EXACTLY 3:30 – please do not pack up as the movie ends. I find that rude and annoying.

Your TA has till next week Wednesday to respond to your first 3 blog posts. If you haven’t received comments by Friday – email Jess & myself letting us know.

On a better note… if you didn’t watch the John Oliver piece on Donald Drumpf here it is.

That’s about it.

Good luck studying!

See you on Monday.


Professor Dunphy


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