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Hello 1165,

Everybody knows (see what I did there!) you loved “Pump Up The Volume!” But for those who didn’t – what a bummer. Great soundtrack though – The Pixies, ATL, Leonard Cohen, Cowboy Junkies, Henry Rollins, and The Beastie Boys!?!

Seeing it again after all these years, I enjoyed it that much more.

You will get your exam back next week along with your quiz.

Your TA should respond to the first 3 blogs by Wednesday, if you haven’t received comments by Thursday, email Jess and myself… letting us know who your TA is too!

For next Monday – please read this carefully…

Have Rodman’s FILM chapter read and ready to go…

Your Blog(s):

Your TA will be sending you a second film via wetransfer.com – if you have not received the film by Thursday, email Jess.

You have two options – CHOOSE ONE! See details below:

Option A: Two SEPARATE BLOGS – 500-750 words each

Option B: One longer blog – 1000-1500 words


Option A: Write a blog response to each film (2 films= 2 blogs) – DO NOT SUMMARIZE!!!!!! I’ve seen the films.

A review of what you liked, what you didn’t… ALWAYS INCLUDE WHY!!! What did you feel while watching… think of ONE word for EACH film (obviously use a different word)… and use that word to write your piece.

Think of ALL we’ve discussed so far — the subjects, the discussions, the videos… the readings…

Look up some reviews online – see what they said. Don’t forget to source if you use their ideas/work.

Really get into the work! Really think about that word!

Option B is easy -DO NOT SUMMARIZE EITHER FILM…. Compare and discuss the two films… tying them together in whatever way you want.

Maybe compare a character, a storyline… or other subjects.

Use things we’ve discussed throughout the semester.

Remember – choose 1, option A or option B.

OK! That’s it… BLOG HARD!

See ya’ll next week.


Professor Dunphy


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