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Week 7 – 1165

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Hello Everyone,

Week 7 is Recordings & Radio — so please have both of those chapters read… and I feel a quiz coming on for one of these chapters or both.

For this week’s blog assignment, I’d like for you to do TWO blog posts (I will be cutting one from the TV section so it’ll even out.)

Blog 1:

Take the next week and listen to Radiohead’s The Daily Mail. You can find it on youtube or https://youtu.be/McuHVXgR8dA

Listen to it a few times, write down your thoughts… then go and find the lyrics, listen to it AGAIN… write some more thoughts. But also, what’s the song about? What is going on here? D

**Do NOT write — I don’t listen to this type of music…. this will factor into our discussion for sure so make sure you listen.

Word Count 400-500 words

**Extra credit opt – Listen to Radiohead’s OK Computer, The Bends or Hail to the Thief and write 1000+ words on one album or 3000 on all 3.

Blog 2:

Hysteria & Media!!! – Listen to Orson Welles’ broadcast of The War of The Worlds

Listen to the whole thing… do some research on it, the story is pretty cracy… react to it the broadcast but also

Think about the power aspect… would this every happen today? Maybe not radio but in general.

Have you ever fallen for a hoax? Or something like this?

When you were listening — and then did the research, what did you think of the public’s reaction?

Make sure to point out “best moments” — make sure to put in the times… Example: Best moments 1:24-150

And discuss why you chose those moments.

Word Count: 500-750 words

It’s a lot of fun so def enjoy it.

For students who haven’t been doing the work… you probably didn’t make it this far but just know you’re setting yourself up for failing this course. When a blog has requirements, please follow them. I will be reaching out to several who have yet to do the required work.

That’s it for now… Enjoy!


Professor Dunphy


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