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Week 9 – April 4th

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Hello 1165,

As promised I am sending out weeks 9 & 10 ahead of time so students can get the work done… if they so choose.

Take a look back at what is due for Week 8. I have already sent that out.

For Week 9: Due Monday, April 4th

We will continue with TV… but also you will be reading and using Satire’s Brew, Lecture 3 on South Park. THIS IS MANDATORY!

Your viewings will be… available on HULU (try the one week free trial or borrow someone’s log-in)

Mandatory Episodes To Watch:

Douche & Turd, Season 8, Episode 8

Margaritaville, Season 13, Episode 3

You Have 0 Friends, Season 14, Episode 4

Blog Assignment:

Using the points made in Satire’s Brew – discuss the 3 episodes you were required to watch. Use the texts to discuss the episodes in full and react to them.

Do not just say you liked them… or didn’t… Use the text and really get into the episodes. Watch them more than once if you have to…

Word Count: 750-1500 words

Due on Monday, April 4th



Professor Dunphy



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