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Followup For Exam 2

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Hello 1165,

So, as a reward for an excellent discussion on Monday – you’re going to only have to study chapters 6-9. The internet chapter is NOT on the exam. I took it out.

Good discussions put me in a good mood — like when the main character in lecture 3 discusses film & tv or when South Park puts an episode together in 6 days. Little things like that or when Cecilia says, “this is it, you know” as a way to end the affair with the main character. Or how awesome Fika is on a day like today.

Anyway! Sorry for the ramble…

Below is the Study Guide. It is a guide, if it were the answers, it’d be known as The Answer Guide. Build your studying around these terms but DO NOT — I STRESS DO NOT ignore all the other content in Chapters 6-9.

Best of luck! See you Monday.

Study Guide

In the film chapter: Know the inventors, their discoveries/innovations. All the details of Thomas Edison… and with every chapter — know ALLLLLLLLL the golden ages. Terms such as persistence of vision, nickelodeon, and what goes into making a film — production, cast, crew, etc.

In the recording & radio chapter: Know what copyright and format wars, describe the details of the phonograph and victrola…. do you understand the difference between analog and digital recording? Don’t ignore the ROCK AND ROLL section, and artists like The Dixie Chicks, Elvis or forget Radiohead allowed their fans to set their own price for their newest album as well as clear channel, the innovators and their innovations. Make sure you know American’s daily use of the radio, the details of the telegraph, the electromagnetic spectrum…. and never forget the names involved! Lee DeForest, Marconi, Morse and Hertz to name a few. Remember all the stuff we worked on! The War of the Worlds and everything that came with it. In the industry — how a radio “day” is set up… public radio, differences in public and private radio. All the details of the acts that formed radio.

In the TV section: Read the intro THE CSI EFFECT, know the difference between lines of resolution and pixels. All those stats of info — like how much is a TV used… don’t forget the major players in the industry, what war did to all these industries. Don’t forget to learn about cable, public TV, and all the terms for programming like original syndication and original programming. What the first televised news magazine was Make sure you know the details of public television, off-network syndication, original syndication, broadcast stations and pay cable. Along with the examples for each.

I think this is enough… sorry for the jumble… wordpress is acting a bit funny today.

ONCE again — this is a guide. Not the answers.

Remember after the exam, we will be screening clips for your next blog assignment. Attendance is mandatory.

Best of luck,

Professor Dunphy


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