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Class & Blog Post – May 2nd

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Hello 1165,

I wanted to send out the blog and class work for May 2nd…

Please have Rodman’s chapters 11 & 12 read for Monday.

If your TA has not responded to your latest batch of posts — email Jess and me… sooner rather than later.

The blog post: 750 words

Videos: Watch 5 episodes of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah…. skip the interviews… and the correspondents… ONLY the pieces with Trevor Noah.

Sam Bee — I showed you a bunch but make sure to watch April 18th & 25th’s episodes. All her stuff is on youtube… refresh yourself with the show.

Work: Compare Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah — who do you like more? Who is better at their job? Which show is better? Of course… as always give me the WHY.

Required — Use ONE word to describe each host…. 

REQUIRED: Using SATIRE’S BREW Lecture 1 on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart… the rules, and the basis for their show… apply it to the two hosts.

Extra Credit:

Extend your blog post to 3000+ words incorporating other hosts, and subjects to Sam Bee & Trevor Noah.

Enjoy the Spring Break — and have fun with the blog post…


Professor Dunphy


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