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Week 13!

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Hey 1165,

Two more weeks to go! I know you’re happy and excited about summer.

We still have some work to do but we’re almost there. The homestretch.

For Week 13:  

All your extra credits are due before 12pm. I’ve given so many examples I can’t list them all here. My two reminders — you can do only 3 and you need to earn it. Just because you did it doesn’t mean you get it.

Readings: PR & Advertising from Rodman’s Chapter.

Blog: No blog work this week. You read that right. No blog post this week.

However, I’d like for you to read Satire’s Brew Lecture on Presidential Satire. If you want to do a blog on the chapter, you can earn extra credit. Same rules for extra credits apply.

The deal breaker: If you do the Satire’s Brew reading and do well in the class discussion… I will let you decide on how many chapters will be on the final exam… and maybe even which ones…

Final Exam: The final will be on Monday, May 23rd 1:00-3:00pm in our room. There will be 100 questions — we only need to decide on the chapters.

Final Blog Post: Will be due May 16th… your TA will send out the prompt by the end of the week.

You will be watching Unproductive Season 1 — unproductivewebseries.com

Go and get a head start and watch! I think… it’s pretty good!

So, that’s about it!


Professor Dunphy


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