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Last Week!!

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Hey All,

You did it! You made it till the last week of class…

On a quick note: Check this out… if you’re interested: Odyssey Flyer

For our final week:

Finish Rodman’s book — Media Ethics & Law. Those two will 100% be on the final exam so start reading them.

Final Blog Post — if you haven’t received your prompt for Unproductive Season 1, email your TA as soon as possible. If they don’t respond, email Jess. Unless, Jess if your TA then you’re stuck in a loop.

Remember the final post is due on Monday by 12pm.

Final Exam: Monday, 5/23 from 1-3pm in our room. 100 questions. #2 pencil, etc etc.

The chapters will be: Media Law, Media Ethics, Public Relations, and the Evolving Journalism/News section. That’s 4 chapters and 100 questions. I decided on 4 because it’s not 5. And 3 wasn’t ideal. There will be no study guide but everything is on the table for those chapters.

That’s it! Enjoy the week…


Professor Dunphy



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