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Final Stuff!

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Hey 1165,

So this is the last post for 1165 spring 16. If you no longer want to receive blogs from this, you have to unsubscribe yourself.

But first — watch this:


Ok now that you watched that, laughed, and want to hang with Aaron Paul AND Bryan Cranston– here’s the info:

First and foremost — congrats on finishing! My class ain’t easy but I work hard at it, so I hope that much comes through.

I finished 99% of your blogs, so I will be sending them to your TA shortly… the TA will reach out to you with the final blog grade and final exam grade. DO NOT EMAIL THEM. The final class grade will be done very soon — the TA does not have it, so don’t ask.


With the exam — the grades were exactly the way they always are with a slight improvement by some… others, not so much. The physical exam is in my office, you can get it by making an appointment with me or during the fall semester.

With the blog — I responded to almost all of you…. gave you responses and took into account everything from grammar to extra credits to late/missing posts to formal/informal writing. If you believe there is an error with your grade, email me at profdunphy@gmail.com – as I said before, be careful, I reserve the right to fully re-evaluate the work and I can lower the grade too.

However, if you still move forward — prove your argument in the email. I will respond after June 6th when I return from vacation. Please be patient.

With the final grade – If you believe there is an error…. feel free to email. If I get two emails from students, that means I was at 98% accuracy. I’ll take it. However, things sometimes go wrong, and if it is wrong, I’ll change it.

The grades will be in sometime before Memorial Day.

Last but not least the “best” blogs of the semester — take a look at them… while far from perfect, I think they accurately portray how to achieve success in this section of the course. Before you complain about your grade, look at theirs, and see why they did well and you didn’t. And not everyone who received a high grade is on this list.






If you made it this far — congrats! I’m shocked you did!
Well, that’s it! Have a great summer…. good luck in school and the future….
I hope you enjoyed the class, the work, and will see you in a class soon.
Best to all of you,
Professor Dunphy

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