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Week 1 into Week 2 – Fall 2016 Mass Media

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Hello 1165,

Welcome to the class, the blog, and everything else!

There is a ton of information in this semester’s first blog post so please read all of it.


I got us a new room for the month of September!!

Room 320 Whitehead. The AC is said to be working. We will meet there from now until… well, hopefully for the rest of the semester. So, you know show up there.

Now onto the class work and other info:

Here is the syllabus: Fall 16 MM Wednesday Syllabus

Your TA will be emailing you within the next day or so. If you haven’t heard from them by this Friday Sept 2 at 12pm, email the in-class TA Darres at darrestheta@gmail.com. She will give you your TA’s email and you can reach out to them.

Here is the Blog Assignment Document: Fall 16 MM Blog Assignment

Please read it over. As it says, all assignments listed on this blog supersede anything that is listed in the assignment sheet. Perfect example… the first blog is actually different from the one listed on the assignment sheet. See that below.

All blogs are due BEFORE 12pm the day of class.

Create your blog — Go to wordpress.com, use the free one, and set it up. Then after your TA emails you, send your preferred email and the blog address to the TA. Remember, the time is set for GMT so it is 5 hours ahead.

The TA will subscribe to your blog so when you post before 12pm, we have a record of it. Oh! 12:01pm is late. Make sure you’re on time.

The TA will responded throughout the semester to your work, and some will respond week-to-week, others will wait till the due date we worked out.

First Week Readings:

Rodman’s Mass Media in a Changing World — Chapters 1 & 2. Be prepared to discuss in class. Bring the text with you.

First blog post: 

To be posted on your newly created blog by 12pm Wednesday, Sept 7th.

Read this article: KellervGreenwald

Keller (former editor of NY Times) and Glenn Greenwald (journalist) debate something very important!

Read the piece and write 400-600 words and tell me who you agree with and why you agree with them.

Use the article to highlight your points.

To do well — look at the previous post for the best bloggers. It’ll help you for sure. Listen to your TA, they KNOW what they’re doing.

And that is it!

Looking forward to the semester but before we go:

That’s how we felt yesterday so I thought – why not.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend and see you on Wednesday!


Professor Dunphy



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