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Class 3 – 1165 Fall 2016

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Hello 1165!

Class 2 in the books, onto class 3. We will remain in 320 Whitehead. Please arrive on time.

For Week 3 – a heavier reading load this week. But then it thins out.

Please read BOOKS and NEWSPAPER sections from Rodman’s Mass Media in a Changing World. These two chapters will 100% be on the exam.

Satire’s Brew – Lecture One America’s Jester. May be on the exam if you do not do the work.

Blog Assignment for Week 3

Posted on your blog before 12pm Wednesday.

Read Satire’s Brew – Lecture One

Watch these two episodes on CC.com:

September 19th 2012 — watch all the clips about Chaos on Bullshit Mountain. DO NOT watch the Pink clip, unless you want to… because she’s awesome.

December 16th, 2012 — watch all the clips about 9/11 First Responders. DO NOT watch the Mike Huckabee interview, unless you want to…

What to blog about:

After watching the above episodes, reading Satire’s Brew answer the following:

Was Jon Stewart a journalist or comedian? Why did you choose that side? 500-750 words.

Required: Use the clips, Satire’s Brew Lecture One, try to use KellervGreenwald… If you do not use the clips or Satire’s Brew you will receive a failing grade.

Recommended: Watch other Jon Stewart clips while he was host of The Daily Show. All episodes on CC.com


If you haven’t sent your TA your blog address – do so now. If you haven’t received communication from your TA, check your other email address. If still nothing – email Darres at darrestheta@gmail.com

If you missed assignment 1 – KellervGreenwald, my advice would be to do it. Accept the late grade but get it done.

That’s all for now!

Have a great week!


Professor Dunphy



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