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Extra Credit Opt!

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Hey 1165,

Your weekly work will follow some time today.

Below is an extra credit opt.

Go, take a few selfies, write about the experience and put on your blog. Will count as 2 points (you can do 3 total.) Points to be explained in class.

The info:

NEW YORK: Vertical Slum by Irene Sosa will be featured at the Venezuelan Film Festival this coming September 15, at 5 PM at the Village East Cinema (address here). This is the fourth year of this important festival that showcases films about Venezuela.

September 15 @ 5pm

Village East Cinema

VILLAGE EAST CINEMAS I 181 2nd Ave., New York, NY

$10 / Ticket – students free!

The 50 minutes documentary explores how architecture reflects ideology. It uses the Confinanzas Tower, also known as the Torre David, in Caracas, Venezuela as a case study of the huge social, economic and political changes of the past three decades of Venezuelan history. The building reflects the transformation from the extreme free market policies imposed by the International Monetary Fund in 1989 to the so-called socialism of the XXI century of the Hugo Chavez government.

To learn more about filmmaker Irene Sosa and this documentary go to: www.irenesosa.com.

For more information about the festival go to:


Vertical Slum 50-minute documentary by Irene Sosa

Vertical Slum, a 50-minute video documentary,

Vertical Slum demo 1:27 min Wilmer: https://vimeo.com/164042786

Vertical Slum demo 1:27 min Destruction: https://vimeo.com/164040562

Vertical Slum 5 min demo: https://vimeo.com/150271551


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