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Class 4 – 1165 Fall 2016

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Hello Everyone,

Hopefully next Wednesday will not be 100 degree day and we will be more comfortable in 320 Whitehead.

Good job so far on Satire’s Brew!

Extra Credits: I announce these throughout the semester. Any films — you can go see them (Snowden), take a photo of the ticket stub, and write a 1,000 word review on your blog. All extra credits are by 12pm Week 13, November 30th

To the Week!

For readings this week: Newspapers & Magazines

Your first exam: September 28th, it will be on the first 5 chapters.

All exams are from Rodman’s Mass Media book… it is 50 questions, 45 mins, and scantron so bring a #2 pencil. The questions are multiple choice and true/false.

How To Study:

Well one suggestion – start soon

The other — take a read:


After the exam there will be a mandatory screening. This will be your blog assignment, so you should attend.

Blog Assignment due by 12pm Wednesday 9/21

Using Satire’s Brew ORIGINS chapter (Shadows of Forthcoming Events,)  I think this is a perfect chapter for this week…. also the below articles:



Watch Video 1: The Newspapers — embedded within the Washington Post article.

Watch Video 2: Border Wall – Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Using the Origins chapter, the readings/video above (and even Rodman’s book,) and consider the Daily Show lecture – answer the following:

  1. How are John Oliver & Thomas Nast different? Similar?
  2. What is Oliver’s MAIN focus for his show? Give me ONE word and explain that word.
  3. Compare Oliver & Stewart — are they comedians or journalists
  4. Add anything you feel is relevant. You can also watch more clips! They’re on youtube!
  5. Word count 500-1000 words. However, don’t feel constrained.

Remember, your TA will start responding soon enough… they have till the exam week. KEEP WRITING.

Budget your time. Do your prep. You’ll be fine!!

Let’s Go Giants!

And if you have made it this far… congrats. Make sure you read the magazine chapter and don’t forget the newspaper chapter.

See you all on Wednesday!

Have a good one!

Professor Dunphy








And read magazine chapter.


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