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Exam #1 Fall 2016

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Hello 1165,

Our first exam is upon us… it begins PROMPTLY at 12:50pm in 320 whitehead.

There is no blog post — only study.

Few things you need to know.

Over 75% of you FAILED the quiz. That’s EXACTLY how many I expected to fail. So, maybe you should start to study and be prepared for class. The quizzes will be returned to you with the exam.

Also, it has come to my attention that some of you have YET to buy the required texts. If you plan on passing this course, you need to have the required texts. Your TA will not supply you with the book. Nor will the power-points be adequate to passing the course.

Some of you have asked about supplying the power-points. I decided to do so for the first time in YEARS.

HOWEVER!! DO NOT JUST STUDY THESE POWER-POINTS. You will not pass if you only study the power-points. The files are below.

The Exam:

What to bring — your prepared self, a #2 pencil.

What to study — Rodman’s chapter 1, 2, 3 and 4 – anything in these 4 chapters is fair game.

Exam details — 50 questions, 45 minutes. Multiple Choice, and True/False. A=True, B=False.

There will be THREE version of the exam, make sure you put YOUR exam in the right pile otherwise you will fail. The answers won’t line up.

After the exam — we will have a MANDATORY screening of… well… I’m not sure yet. Attendance is taken — if you are not there, you lose 10 points on the exam.

The Power-points: Remember, use these and the book too!! Everything in the book from chapters 1-4.





And that’s it. No hints on the exam except 1456 is a year you SHOULD know.

Have a great week, good luck studying.


Professor Dunphy



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