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Week 6 10/5 Fall 16

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Hello 1165,

Congrats on finishing your first exam! You will get the exam and your quiz back at the END of class. To make you feel better, the average grade was slightly higher than where I expected it to be — talk about vague right!?

Few pieces of info:

We will be in 2310 Ingersoll from now on. I am hoping that with the weather getting cooler, so will the room. But this is where we are, so, we will make the best of it. Unless, I get a different room, then I’ll let you know.

Your TA should respond to your first three posts by Wednesday, unless, they contacted you to let you know they will be late. Please be patient and continue to do your work regardless of their responses.

Readings: Rodman’s Film Chapter

Blog Post:

First and foremost!! Hope you liked the movie! Arizona teenagers. Amiright? They were out of control!

Your blog work is to react, review, use Rodman’s Chapter 2 on “Pump Up the Volume.”

There are several theories in chapter 2, see if you can get them or maybe even surprise me on some! This is required. 

But also a review and give some reactions… be honest… if you loved it — try to figure out why. If you hated it — why.

Word Count: 500-1000+

Enjoy the week and see y’all Wednesday!


Professor Dunphy




  1. Hi Professor,

    Should we write about each theory we find in the Chapter and explain how we saw that in the movie?

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