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Week 8 – October 26th

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Hello 1165,

Hope you watched the debates and jumped for joy now that they are OVER! Only a few more weeks!

Our next class is Wednesday, 10/26. 

Your reading assignments are: Rodman’s Radio and TV chapters.

Your blog assignment:

War of the Worlds (1938) by Orson Welles — see video below.

Listen to the whole thing… do some research on it, the story is pretty crazy… react to the story and the broadcast but also:

Think about the power of the voice aspect… would this ever happen today? Maybe not radio but in general. Have you ever fallen for a hoax? Or something like this?

When you were listening — and then did the research, what did you think of the public’s reaction?

Also, use Chapter 2 (Media Impact) and some of those theories – same as Pump Up The Volume.

Make sure to point out “best moments” — make sure to put in the times… Example: Best moments 1:24-150

And of course — discuss why you chose those moments.

Word Count: 500-750 words… or more if you want!


It’s a lot of fun so definitely enjoy it.

Last: For students who haven’t been doing the work… you probably didn’t make it this far but just know you’re setting yourself up for failing this part of the course. When a blog has requirements, please follow them.

See you all next week!


Professor Dunphy


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