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Week 9! TV & South Park

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Hello 1165,

We did a lot with radio and still didn’t do enough! Never enough but it’s definitely on the second exam (Nov. 16th.)

But as the weeks move on, so shall we! We ended class on TV in the 1980s into the 1990s… for week 9 we will be doing the following:

Continue with TV section (also on exam) and Satire’s Brew: Lecture 4, South Park & The American Experience

For the blog:

Go to Hulu (or on demand, depends on your cable provider) and use the one-week free trial to watch the first six episodes of South Park’s Season 20.

With the free trial: don’t forget to cancel after you watch or you’ll be charged for the month. 

Requirements: Use Satire’s Brew: Lecture 4, South Park & The American Experience and the 6 (six) episodes.

React using the text and the episodes. Does the theory in the lecture hold up for season 20? What are South Park’s philosophies on the election, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and social media/trolling?

Add whatever elements you want!

Word Count: 750+

That’s about it!

Best and have a great Halloween weekend!

Professor Dunphy



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