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Week 10 – TV & Internet

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Hello 1165,

There is a lot of information in this post — please read all of it.

First and foremost: Good luck with your first (or second or more) voting experience! Remember what I taught you about the NY State system. Hopefully, you will use it.

Class Rules:

After this week I decided to implement the following –

1. If you are on your cell phone during class – I will ask you to leave the class and you will be dropped 1/2 a grade on your final class grade. If it happens again, you will be deducted one full grade from your final grade. This is not up for debate.

That there were several of you doing so after I asked you not to has led me to this decision.

2. Falling asleep during class is rude, insulting, and distracting. If you’re tired, well, drink some coffee or a snapple or splash some cold water on your face. I will ask to speak to you during the break and will give you two options during that time.

3.  Lateness — Beginning Wednesday, I will be shutting the door and not letting anymore students in after a certain time. Too many of you are showing up late and it is unacceptable. Your job is to be in class on time. Make sure you are.

4.The space/2310 is terrible, it’s hot, uncomfortable, and I understand that. However, we have to be there, we don’t have a choice. Your voices travel so when a group of you speak while I’m speaking or someone else is — it is VERY difficult to hear. Please do your best to refrain from conversation.

5. Attendance – some of you are getting close to failing this course because of missing too many classes. You should be mindful of that.

Class Work for November 9th:

We will continue with some more TV and move onto Rodman’s Internet chapter. We will also discuss the election results — if there are results by Wednesday. As well as the other elements in Satire’s Brew. Busy day indeed.

We will also discuss THIS article from the NY Times, please read it:

or use the file here: inside-facebooks-totally-insane-unin-cal-media-machine-the-new-york-times

Your blog:

Read this article by Andrew Sullivan, Technology Almost Killed Me – on NY Mag


Respond to it with 500 or so words… but really think about it… can you do what he did? WOULD you do what he did? Why or why not?

Exam #2:

Wednesday, November 16th — definitely will be film, tv, radio, internet… maybe more. #2 pencil, is one hour in length. True/False, multiple choice, and matching. After the exam, you are required to stay for screening.

Extra credits:

Here are some extra credit opts for you –

1. Media, Publishing and Marketing Internships Panel – Tuesday, November 15th 12:15 – 2:15pm in the Gold Room, 6th Floor Student Center

Lunch provided.

Meet HR reps Discovery Communications, Penguin Random House, Valiant Entertainment and Horizon Media.  Register at portal.brooklyn.cuny.edu via the Career Tab or email Michael Sarrao at msarrao@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

2. TV & Radio Event – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dept-of-tvra-media-nights-21st-century-fox-tickets-28552315745?aff=es2

That’s it, please take note of the class rules and everything else.

Have a good weekend.

Professor Dunphy


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