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Week 13 – Nov. 30th

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Hello 1165,

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving… and now just sending the weekly email.

The readings: PR and Advertising chapters from Rodman’s book. Make sure they’re read.

We have a guest speaker coming — DO NOT BE LATE to class, cell phones off. I will ask you to leave if I see you on your cell and you will receive points off your final exam.

Speaking of your 2nd exam – you will get those back on Wednesday.

Your final exam info: Wednesday, December 14th from 1:00-3:00pm in 2310 Ingersoll. The chapters are to be determined.

Extra Credit — 11/30 before 12pm.

Blog Work: There is no blog post for this week.

Extra credit blog work: Read the final lecture in Satire’s Brew… watch SNL from the past few weeks, use the text to write about their political sketches. Earn the extra credit by writing a solid blog post.

That’s it – have a good week.

See you on Wednesday.

Professor Dunphy


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