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Final Blog Assignment!

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Hello All,

Sorry for the delay! As a make-up I have a gift for all of you tomorrow.
So, we were finishing up our webseries, and it is FINALLY ready! Though things like this are never ready ready but hey, it’s here.
Unproductive Season 2 is a TVR-student led webseries about a TV studio class based at ‘Kings Metro College.’
It is a 9 episode season with short episodes in the 6-11 minute range.
The project was written, produced, directed and edited by over 20 students over the last 11 months. We started in Winter 2016 with a dozen or so writers, into Spring with the same writers, then summer session 1 & 2… with the production and post-production, and more post in fall 2016.
You will be the first to watch the new episodes!
ASSIGNMENT DUE before 12pm on Thursday, December 15th
Your FINAL assignment is as follows:
Watch the 9 episodes using this link:
Answer the following questions –
— Who is your favorite character and why? Who is your least favorite character and why? Would you want to hang out with these people? Why or why not?
— What was your favorite episode and scene? Why?
— What do you think will happen to these characters in the next season?
— Use anything you’ve learned this semester! Impress me. Add whatever else you feel is necessary.
— Maybe think of clever marketing/advertising? Maybe internet? Hashtags? Or something else.
Lastly, in all honesty, every episode has some technical issues — sound, an edit here or there, etc etc. This is what happens in a working environment and a limited shoot. When writing about the show — DO NOT COMMENT on these issues. I know the issues. I’ve tried to fix them but they’re there so leave those critiques OUT OF YOUR FINAL POST. I do not care whether you liked it or not, whether there was a sound issue or a clichĂ© here or there. That is not what this is about. I do not want your review of whether the show is good, bad, or great. I want THOSE questions answered and the WHY.
— As a bonus — Unproductive Season 1 is also online, you can watch that!
Word Count: 1000-1500 words.
I will be commenting on ALL the blog posts over the next few weeks.
Professor Dunphy

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