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The Blogs Are Done!

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Hello 1165,

This is the LAST post you will get from me for the fall 2016 class.. if you want to unsubscribe, please do so on your own. I cannot do it for you.

The info:

I finished all the blogs and responded to everyone — your grades are with your TAs. They will send an email to you AFTER they receive the final exam grade. They will send BOTH together and not before.

Please do not contact them for the blog grade. If you do, I give them the right not to respond or respond with the blog but not the exam grade. Give them a break — they’re finishing stuff too!

To be clear: in the forthcoming email is the blog and exam grade — not the FINAL grade.

With the blog grade — if you have an issue, look back at the rubric, but also look at the bottom of this post. There you will find a bunch of excellent (not perfect) blogs.

If you looked at both and still think you were improperly graded, send me an email. I will respond in time… but I will need to focus on my other classes, then a break for the holiday. So, it will be after then.

That is about it! Thanks to all the TAs for their assistance. Without them, I couldn’t do a class like this!

Have a great break and was a pleasure being your Professor.

Professor Dunphy

The Blogs:




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