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Class 4 – March 1st

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Hello 1165,

This is the work for next week. I just copied and pasted below.

On a side/related note: Watch your attendance! Missing one class in a double session is DOUBLE so once you miss TWO you’re in a problem area.

Attendance is mandatory in this course.

Have a good week!

Professor Dunphy

Wednesday, March 1st 

Readings: Newspapers & Magazines from Rodman’s text

Satire’s Brew – Origins – Shadows of Forthcoming Events (required)

Blog Assignment: due by 12pm, March 1st

Using Satire’s Brew’s Origins Chapter and GoComics.com:


Select ONE cartoonist from the left, the right and the center = 3 cartoons/cartoonists total.

Put the cartoons on your blog too!

Use the REQUIRED Satire’s Brew text/ideas and any other info to react to the cartoons.
Do you agree, disagree? Do you understand the cartoon? The points the cartoonist are trying to make? Do they make them effectively? Do you have any other reactions? Any other thoughts?
To the book itself:
Any thoughts on Beck? The philosophy? The character’s journey in the chapter? Emotional Collateral? What about Thomas Nast? Have you heard of him before?
What would Nast say about today’s society? The two political parties? The President?
What happens at the end and what do you think will happen after the chapter ends?
TOTAL Word Count: MINIMUM 1000 to 1200 words
Extra Credit Opt: Expand the work by 2x and write a minimum 2000 word post. Include a few more cartoons from your cartoonists. Really go to town here.
Extra Credit is earned not guaranteed.

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