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1165 Exam Week and Beyond

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Hello 1165,

Bunch of stuff in this post:

Hope you enjoyed the Thomas Nast story – I love telling it. Even if some is not true and just a myth.

Sadly, you all did quite poorly on your quiz. The highest grade was a 7, I believe… you’ll get the quiz back with the exam. But you need to not just read the work but absorb some of it. But from the grades, looked like more didn’t read it. This is a good thing because with the exam next week, you know where you stand and what needs to be done.

A LOT of students sent in their blog late. Remember, this blog is 30% of your grade. The easiest way NOT to get an A is by posting your blog past the deadline. Meet your deadlines.

Cell phone/Lateness – Some of you are arriving late to class and missing a ton of stuff. It is your job to be there by 12:50. If you miss vital info, it is your job (not mine) to find out what you missed.

The other aspect is the use of cell phones. I asked NICELY about not using them because it was a tumultuous last 24 hours and yet there they were, out and in use.

Starting now, anyone who uses their cell phone will lose 10 points on their following exam. If you get caught using your cell phone a second time you will receive a ZERO for the day and not be counted in the attendance. A third time, and I will consider other actions.

No more warnings. No debate. You need to respect my classroom rules and several of you don’t. That ends right now.

Next week is your first exam. NO BLOG work due.

50-60 questions, starts at 12:50pm. Please bring a #2 pencil. The exam is T/F, multiple choice.

Chapters 1-4 from Rodman’s book will make up the exam. This is my gift to you. Hopefully, you use it wisely.

After the exam, there is a mandatory screening. I will be taking attendance. Anyone who does not attend the screening will lose points on the exam.

The following week – March 14th & 15th:

Tuesday night March 14th 6:30pm, check the previous post for the assignment. I’ll send out a reminder email.

Wednesday March 15th, normal day, Rodman’s film chapter. I will post all about the blog next week.

That’s it for now.

Good luck studying. See you Wednesday.

Professor Dunphy


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