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Summer with Professor Dunphy

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Hello All,

I am teaching this summer and sending out some info about the two courses. Hope you sign up!

Summer Session 1 – June 5th-July 12th

2265 – Industries, Institutions, and Audiences – 3 credits.

Hybrid – 1/2 in class, 1/2 online.

T/W/Th – 11:00am-1:20pm

*This is a required course within TVR. We will be discussing TV, Radio, Internet, and all the fascinating history and current situations. It’s going to be a great course!*

3841 – Genres – Politics & Media – 3 credits

Hybrid – 1/2 in class, 1/2 online.

T/W/Th – 1:50pm-4:10pm

*An elective course where we will be discussing the current political and media climate. From Stephen Colbert to Veep, Bill O’Reilly to Designated Survivor, and all the way to The President and everything in between! This is the course you should take to keep up with what’s going on in the world!*

**See the pre-reqs**

Registration is now open, if you have any issues, please let me know.

Both classes are “hybrids” so some days you will be in the classroom, other days you will need online access.

Hope to see you over the summer!


Professor Dunphy


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