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1165 Class 8

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Hey All,

Another week in the books… and now moving on to the next medium.

I am still working on a make-up date for our make-up date. Please be patient with that. With two snow days, it’s making it more and more difficult.

Good job on exam #1! Keep it up! Those who didn’t well — there’s still time and plenty of more work to ace!

NOTE: I will be sending a second post with the work for Class 9 shortly. Give you a bit of a head start.

For Wednesday March 29th

Read Rodman’s Radio section and we will discuss your posts on Pump up The Volume.

Blog Work and Assignment:

Please listen to this piece: http://www.wnyc.org/story/235596-does-npr-have-liberal-bias/ and be prepared to discuss in class.

Watch the following video/read the article and answer the questions below:


The language in this video is as Bill Moyers says is “raw.”

Your generation is known as the most progress on social issues! More than any other generation before it… well, let’s put it to the test.

Please watch the video below. It’s from 8 years ago but I think it still works.

Word Count: 500-750 words

Answer the following:

Should these shock jocks be allowed to say these things? Should they be held responsible for the actions of others? What offended you the most? Offended you the least?

Please feel free to add other elements to your post.

Thanks and see ya Wednesday!

Professor Dunphy


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