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Update 1165 spring 2017!

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Hello 1165,

Once again I want to say, thank you for your understanding/flexibility during this transition time. Mallory’s early arrival and a snowstorm (remember that?) has made things a bit challenging  this semester.

Either way! Hope alls well over there and you’re enjoying the sunshine today.

I wanted to let you know I am currently working on an updated syllabus for the remaining weeks.

However, for now, our next class is definitely going to be on:

Wednesday, April 19th – We will cover TV & Internet history – please have those Rodman chapters read.

No blog assignment due because you already did the TV one.

If you didn’t, you can post it by Wednesday, April 12th.

Wednesday, April 26th – is a scheduled exam but we will see what happens. I may just skip it and have a final exam.

We have to make up the classes so I am doing what I can to make this happen.

Once I know, I will let you know.


Professor Dunphy



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