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Wednesday May 3rd Class

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Hey All,

For Wednesday’s class, we will be covering Electronic News — so your job is to read Rodman’s News chapter 11.

For the blog assignment:

You were required to purchase Satire’s Brew and we will be working with it for the rest of the semester!

Please read the first lecture on The Daily Show and be prepared to use it for your blog post.

Watch the clips from this link:


What to Watch & Write:

Stewart has retired and we are all looking for his “replacement” or maybe partially blame him for Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency. But the past is the past and he’s gone now…

Between all the late night hosts — John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Sam Bee, Trevor Noah, James Corden, Conan, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel (am I missing anyone? Use them if you want) — watch 1-2 clips (or more) from ONE of the above.

Argue if yours is the heir apparent to Jon Stewart? Or not.

Who does the best job with politics?? Information? Comedy?

How do you feel about them — personality wise.

Mandatory — Use the text from Satire’s Brew to reveal your answers. 

Do a compare and contrast if you want/can.

Word count: 500-1000 words. Don’t forget to use Satire’s Brew! Mandatory.

Extra Credit — Watch more than one and really go to town in this assignment. Earn that Extra Credit.

Also, as a reminder, any missed blogs can be posted by 12pm on April 29th, after that I will not accept anymore.

Btw! Any extra credit must be posted by week 13 before 12pm. So by May 10th.

Enjoy the weekend!





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