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1165 Week 13!

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Hey All,

We only have two more classes left! Can you believe it???

Two more blog posts and then you’re done! Kaput! Don’t all celebrate at once!

For this week’s reading: Rodman’s PR & Advertising chapter.

We will have a guest speaker come to discuss Advertising. Please arrive on time, and be courteous, no cell phones, etc. This person took time out of their day to come to speak to you.

Blog Post:

The American Presidency (final lecture) in Satire’s Brew.

Using the text, and watching some of the clips (on your own) compare these Presidential satires to SNL’s Donald Trump.

They’re all on YOUTUBE or the SNL app or the SNL website. Watch as many or as little as you want. The others are on Comedy Central, youtube, etc.

Compare the satire, compare the representation of the Presidents… which one is more effective? Which is funnier? Which is more damaging?

Use the text to illuminate your argument and write more than just answers to the questions above.

Word Count: 500-1000 words.

Any and all extra credits are also due by this date. No exceptions after week 13.

After this blog there will be the final one due week 14 on Satire’s Brew and the South Park chapter.

The entire culmination of your blog experience will be in this final post. This is the post I will be grading you on.

Enjoy the week!


Professor Dunphy


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