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Final Class & Blog Post 1165 Spring 2017

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Hello 1165,

This is it! Final Class!! Please read the final two chapters in Rodman’s text – Media Law & Ethics. Both will be on the final exam.

Final exam – Wednesday, May 24th – 1:00-3:00pm, same room as always.

Chapters — News, Media Law & Media Ethics — possibly PR. 100 questions, #2 pencil, you know the drill.

Final Blog Post:

Due Friday, May 19th before 12pm

Word Count: 1,000 or more.

Required Work: Use Satire’s Brew’s lecture on South Park

Required Viewing: Watch any 3 or more episodes of South Park, available online, HULU, CC.com, etc. You’re not allowed to use the episodes that are discussed in-depth in the lecture, others that are just mentioned, SURE.

What to Answer: Does the argument made in the Satire’s Brew lecture make sense for the episodes you watched. Yes? No? How? Must USE Satire’s Brew and source!

Did you notice anything else in the episodes/lecture? Discuss whatever you want.

IMPRESS ME! Take whatever angle you want but make sure to use the text!

ALSO! What do you think happens to the main character and Cecilia? Do they ever see each other again? Explain your answer and why do you believe this?

As a note: Your TA has guided you through this process, I will be grading and responding to each of your final blog posts.

This should be your BEST blog.

After I comment on ALL the blogs, I will send the grade to your TA who will then email the grade to you.

I will also be posting the outstanding blogs and a rubric in a follow-up post.

See ya Wednesday!


Professor Dunphy



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