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Last Minute Extra Credit Opt!

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Hey All,
I know you’re studying and finishing up your final blog post but a former student and current MFA needs an audience.
If you attend, I’ll give you extra credit. Take a selfie at the beginning and end of the show, and email it to me!
The Comment Section
STUDIO B, Whitehead Hall
Thursday, May 25th
Shooting takes place from 2pm-5pm
Please arrive no later than 1:45pm

The Comment Section is a 30-minute, multi-camera panel talk show for youth of color (ages 18-34) featuring cultural, entertainment and education segments, based out of Brooklyn, New York. Inspired by shows like MTV2’s Uncommon Sense with Charlemagne, YouTube web series The Grapevine, and BET’s The Real, in addition to online comment sections and social media. The Comment Section seeks to educate, entertain, and offer emotional catharsis by centering the lived experiences of people of color around the world.
This is after the exam so maybe you can find time!
Professor Dunphy

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