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Blog Grades Done

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Hello 1165,

I’ll see you tomorrow from 1:00-3:00pm… hopefully you are all studying for the final exam!

I responded to all the blogs, either by email or on your blog… if I missed your blog, please email me at profdunphy@gmail.com, and I’ll look at it.

OK so the scores are in, and your TA will send them out or you can email them. Please be patient, they’re finishing classes too!

The blog is worth 30% of your course grade, so you are graded on a 1-30 scale. If you want to know what it is on a 100 point scale, take your score and multiply by 3.3.

This is the same as your exams but with the exam, take your score but divide by 15, 20… you’ll be able to figure out where you stand heading into the final.

The blogs below: here are some (not all) blogs that scored quite high… they’re not perfect but the work deserves their score.










Rubic – How the blog score is reached:

Student did all the work, on time, no missing elements. Went above what was required and/or showed improvement throughout semester. Put in the effort that deserves an A in this section… Possibly TA-worthy.

Student did most of the work with a few blemishes such as lateness or missing required elements… the final post not being up to A standards. But did well.

Student missed posts/elements/lateness/word count but did enough to pass but was average throughout the semester…

Below 19
Missed several posts, late, and barely did the required work. Final post may or may not have been done. Missed too many posts regardless of final post.

Last but not least, if you disagree with your score — send me an email with proof/reason/argument. I believe I am very fair but I could have received the wrong info or an error was made. HOWEVER! Be careful, I do reserve the right to lower the grade too. But if you honestly believe you should receive a higher score… go for it.

That’s it! I’ll see you all tomorrow!


Professor Dunphy

P.s. – If you reached this part of the post, congrats the answer to the first question on the exam is: C, then D



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