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Welcome to 1165 Fall 2017

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Hello 1165 for the Fall 17 Semester,

If you’re receiving and have already finished 1165, please unsubscribe from the blog. I cannot do it for you.

To the Fall 17!

Attached are the syllabus and the blog assignment page. Click on them:

fall17 MM Blog Assignment

Fall 17 MM Wednesday Syllabus

TA (Teaching Assistant)

By Thursday or Friday, you should receive an email from your TA welcoming you to the course. If you haven’t received one, check your other email addresses, spam, etc. If there’s still nothing contact RODWELL, our in-class TA at rodwellTA@gmail.com

He will help you out by finding your name and giving you the TA’s contact info. You will then reach out to the TA.

Set Up The Blog:

Go to wordpress.com and set up your blog and send it to your TA. The TA will then subscribe to your blog.

Once the blog assignment is posted (will be a post after this one) you can start working. All blog assignments are due BEFORE 12pm on Wednesday. So, you can do it the day it is sent out, or wait till the last-minute. Your choice.

Class 2:

Please get your hands on Rodman’s Mass Media in a Changing World, 4th edition. Get it used or rent it. Don’t buy it new. That would be a mistake.

Read Chapters 1 & 2.

Few Minor Notes:

I have been known to give quizzes on the work, so please be prepared each week.

Bring any and all readings to class.

I am always available but you should ask your TA first, and if they can’t help you, hopefully I can. If you need to talk – please set up an appointment via email.

The 1st Blog Assignment will be posted soon.

Thank you and good luck in the semester!

Professor Dunphy


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