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Music Assignment – Due October 18th

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Hello 1165,

This post is for your blog that is due October 18th before 12pm.

I am sending this out now in case anyone wants to get started listening… and partially because music works better listening over time as opposed to the night before.

ONCE AGAIN! This music blog is due October 18th before 12pm.

You can hand it in earlier but this is due on October 18th before 12pm.

*By now, you should know when this is due. Do not do this blog and not the one due this week or the next*


May 1997:

The rock band Radiohead releases their 3rd studio album “Ok Computer” to universal acclaim. It’s been 20 years! 20 years since the album was released so… let’s introduce you to the album that would catapult Radiohead to top-level/God-like status.

You can find this album anywhere — youtube, amazon, legal streams, illegal streams. You’re listening to the ENTIRE album. That is key.

What to do for this blog:

This assignment should be worked on a little bit every week till the due date. Don’t do this the night before. Or do it the night before… it just won’t be that good.

– Just from the name of the band (Radiohead), and album (OK Computer) start jotting down ideas, thoughts. Yes, I am asking you to judge a book by its cover.

– Then start listening to the album – what are your first impressions? Any songs stand out to you? Why do they stand out? Write it down, keep it handy to reference later.

– Listen to the album some more — keep some thoughts, ideas. Positives, negatives. Did your initial thoughts change?? Has one song stood out over the others?

I don’t like or listen to this kind of music is not acceptable. This is an intro class — I am introducing you to new stuff. If you know the album… AWESOME, good taste… I expect an excellent post.

– Take a few minutes and look up the lyrics to the songs. Listen to the album again, NOW knowing what Thom is singing about — did this change the songs for you? Make it better? Worse? Etc.

– Do some more research on the album… but also listening to it now… does it have any meaning to the world at large twenty years later? Think about what the band was singing about in 1997 — does it hold up? Make sense?

– The band also did SEVERAL music videos, you should WATCH those too! React to them if you want.

– Review and react to the album, and to one, some, or all the songs. Expand, explore the suggestions above. Make this blog your own. Hopefully you’ve listened to the album over a month or so and have some incredible ideas.

– After all the notes, ideas, etc… write your blog. Use everything from your first thoughts to your last.

– Word Count: No minimum or maximum. But the best ones will receive special notice and/or rewarded.

Thanks and happy listening!

Remember this is due October 18th before 12pm. I will re-post as a reminder.

More blog posts to follow before this one is due.


Professor Dunphy


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