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Exam #1 – Fall 2017

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Hey All,

Please read all of this, as there is information at the bottom you may be interested in.

Once again — sorry it was so hot and the heat really got to all of us. I tried my best but after 2 hours plus it gets out of control. I personally think it is dangerous… but….

Moving on to other things…

Your first exam is next Wednesday.

Bring a #2 pencil (scantron exam) and yourself to our insanely hot classroom. If you don’t bring a pencil, you can purchase one from me and ONLY me for a bargain basement price of $12.

The exam is 45 minutes, 50-60 questions, multiple choice and true/false.

For true and false – A=True, B=False

Rodman’s Chapters 1-4 ONLY. Anything in the chapters are fair game. Start studying. Don’t skip stuff.

Watch this video:


It could help especially if you don’t really know how to study.

After the exam, we will have a screening of a film — you will blog about that film (plus one more) for the following class.

However, I looked at the 10 day forecast and it looks like next Wednesday is going to be 80 degrees… in October. But climate change is a hoax. So, I will make a decision THAT day whether or not to hold the screening or have you watch the films on your own.

You will receive a WETRANSFER email from your TA with one or both films that day or by Thursday at the latest.

Speaking of being hot in the classroom – I changed classrooms hoping the room would be LESS hot than the room above it… Obviously, that’s not true. So, write to the higher ups at BC. Seriously. Complain. You have my blessing. The more who do, the better? Who knows. But email or whatever.

The forthcoming semester:

Hopefully, you’ve started listening to OK Computer – I will be posting an extra credit assignment to coincide with the album as well.

Your TA will be responding to your blog posts within the next week or so. If you have not received a response by Sunday, October 8th, please send me an email letting me know. Remember, your TA is not responding to ALL the blogs, just a select few. They are keeping track of all of them.

I looked on the final exam schedule and our final exam (no chapter details yet) will be from 1-3pm on Wednesday, December 20th, the last day of the semester. Our last class is on December 6th so there is a long lag time between the two.

That’s about it.

Have a good week, good luck studying!






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