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Fall 2017 – 1165 – Week 6 Part 2

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Hey All,

Your first exam is done. You will get your exam at the end of next class.

The TA should send you the two films by 5pm today. If not, shoot them an email or be a little patient. They are students too!

Your TA should respond to your blogs (not all) by the end of the week – if they haven’t responded by Sunday, please email me at profdunphy@gmail.com

If you are having any issues/problems with the class – you can always schedule an appointment with me. If it is basic questions/issues, that’s what the TA is there for!

For next week, class 6:

Read Rodman’s Film chapter.

Plus these two articles about the website, Rotten Tomatoes:


Your Blog Assignment is as follows:


Work Count – 1500+ words. Take the notes of your TA, and use them to guide you on your work.

First and foremost!! Hope you liked the movie! The future. Amiright? How depressing. Or not.

For the film GATTACA (1997) a personal favorite, directed by Andrew Niccol:

Did you like it, why or why not. Which characters did you like? Why? Always think of why.

Important note – know the character names, and info. It’s not Ethan Hawke, it’s Vincent. Etc.

This movie was made 20 years ago — does it hold up? If released today, would this movie work? Be successful? Give me reasons. Anything else you want to add? Go for it! Use Rodman’s text or anything else so far in the semester if you want.

I will give you a wide berth here so discuss the film how you want.

The only unacceptable answer is: I don’t like/watch these kind of movies.

I don’t like romantic comedies yet I saw Sleepless in Seattle. And it’s so good.

Second Film is Pump Up the Volume.

Compare the two films. Are they comparable?

React, review, use Rodman’s Chapter 2 for this film.

There are several theories in chapter 2, see if you can get them or maybe even surprise me on some! This is required. 

But also a review and give some reactions… be honest… if you loved it — try to figure out why. If you hated it — why.

What do you think happens after the movie ends?

Both films will be sent in MP4 format, so you can watch them on your iPhone, iPad, etc. PUTV is about 1 hour 40 minutes.

Looking forward to lecturing on BOTH films next week.

Congrats on finishing your first exam!

See ya’ll next Wednesday.

Professor Dunphy


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