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1165 Week 12 – 11/22

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Hello Again,

I am sending this out almost three weeks ahead of time! So, I guess there’s no excuse not to do it.

I sent out the week 10/11 information this AM.

This reading/blog post is due before 12pm on Wednesday, November 22nd… or earlier.

The reading is from Rodman’s book – Evolving News, Chapter 11.

The Blog Assignment:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart… and now Trevor Noah.

Read the first chapter/lecture of Satire’s Brew. It’s not short.

Satire’s Brew TDS chapter

Using the book as a reference – required – throughout the post.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart vs. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Each of you will need to do some research to find episodes for your subject.

Hint: Both shows were aired on Comedy Central.

Subjects according to TA:

Rodwell – Politicians (President/Republicans/Democrats)

Sabrina – Gun Violence

Magdalena – Terrorism

Kendy – Politicians (President/Republicans/Democrats)

Andrea – Gun Violence

Watch enough videos (one-two will not do) from each and compare/contrast the two hosts. Usually it is the opening 10-12 minutes of the show. Though sometimes it goes longer…

Who is more effective discussing the issue? What do they reveal within the segment?

Do you understand the host’s argument/pov in the segment? Can you explain it?

Who do you like more? Why.

Come up with one word to describe the host, use the text and videos to explain your word.

Anything else that you would like to discuss – feel free.

Required: Use examples from the videos and use the chapter to elevate your argument.

Word Count: 750+

Btw, this may end up being the LAST one before the final blog post. We shall see.

Have a good one!


Professor Dunphy





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